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Darren’s Alternative Theory – 1st of every month

One of the things I always planned to do in the year the Mayans foresaw our destruction was to open up my blog to different voices. Strictly speaking was the thought that it’d be guest blog work from other musical opinions, but oddly the first real opportunity was to take the words of someone I met when I did Student radio back in 2004.

One of the original mainstays of the early years at Chibuku, Darren ‘Your Mother’ Williams has been concerning himself with a glut of theories about the occult and the dark arts that allegedly permeate our society. Whether speaking for ten minutes on the reasons behind Princess Diana’s death to a talk show in New Zealand or waxing lyrical about the occult imagery utilised on the videos of pop stars, Darren has an opinion. So on the first day of each motnh I’ll be risking certain assassination about the powers that be and allowing him to present a youtube video with his thoughts on the matter. Here’s a few words on what he is about…

Darren appreciates what he considers the other side of the argument…

His interest in the alternative began in 2001 when numerous independent witlessness reported a possible Vampire in the Lodge Lane – Smithdown Road – Croxteth / Ullet Road Triangle of Liverpool. Whilst doing research he found that such sightings have been reported in the same area for well over 200yrs. No pattern occurs yet mass panic is created within the community during each ‘visit’.

He also enjoys Garlic, Jungle Riddim circa 1994 – 1995, Ladies that appreciate Dirty Jokes, the complete works of Stanley Kubrick & clothing purchased for absolute bargains during the January Sales.

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