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Kim Dot Com

The internet is boss. And this man is one of the reasons why. What a song. Kim Dot Com I proper, proper love you.

WHP Announce line-ups tomorrow

Two weeks ago the ball started rolling for the WHP with the monstrous opening weekend announcements. They fill in the gaps tomorrow, with this video whetting the appetites.

Nite Jewel covers Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking About You

Here’s hoping this makes it to the production board, because this is a gorgeous cover.


A year on from Amy Winehouse meeting a sad end. For all her problems she is still one of the most breathtaking vocal talents of the last twenty years, this lovely live performance from Jools Holland above proving it. I had tickets to see her in 2007 but she cancelled the shows, and tragedy and her personal problems meant that like many people seeing her in the flesh was an unrealised thing. This video from her on Never Mind the Buzzcocks shows that even when she was off her tits she was still pretty funny; even if the footage is sadly macabre looking on with hindsight.

RIP Amy x.

BnB Interview: Tim Mason

“Great question. I’d shoot the hostage every time.”

Size Records’ starlet Tim Mason sat down with em for some chat around his burgeoning DJ career, and offered one of the better responses to the ‘dream situation’ question I’ve been trying to set apart as a trademark of my interviews. Hit the quote as usual.

Boogie Originals Mix 003 – Stu Robinson

Decent mix from Boogie Originals honcho Stu Robinson, now realising his own name is as sexy as his face and running with that rather than a pseudonym. Not hard to see why when looking at this image…

Rick Ross – “3 Kings” (Ft. Dr. Dre & Jay Z)

This isn’t quite the apocalyptic record Rick Ross is claiming it is here, but nevertheless this is a very big hip-hop record and a real meeting of stars. Rick, if you’re reading though (which we know you are) this is a real meeting of icons:

BnB Interview: Pete Gooding

“If I look back at my biggest influences it started with Sasha, which at the time covered my love of main room music then Jose Padilla inspired my love of alternative sounds. If music makes me feel something I love it regardless of genre.”

The latest jock to speak to me for BnB is Pete Gooding who waxed lyrical about his love for all forms of music. As ever; hit the quote.

Rampage f. R.A. The Rugged Man “Zig Zag Zig”

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh. This is NICE. Proper head-nod beat on the go with former Rawkus Records shock verse extraordinare merchant Ra the Rugged Man going toe to toe with Rampage who sounds a lot better than during his weak Flipmode era lines where he wasn’t even Busta’s best hype man. EP due soon, be sure to check.

Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You (Lonsdale Boys Club Remix)

The bravest man in music get’s touched up by Lonsdale Boys Club, giving the space age crooner’s ‘Think bout You’ a lovely bumping house/garage swing. Think late nineties pop club jams, and then some.

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