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Welcome to my blog. I’m an editor, DJ, part time PR worker and social neanderthal from a rather boring town in the Midlands called Telford and now living in Liverpool. By day I ‘m the editor for Skiddle based in Preston, the mean streets of which you can see me looking like a right twat above. I also write for DMC World and Data Transmission, and have been published by DJMag, iDJ and quite a few more. As well as writing about music, I also play it for other people to sashay awkwardly to, each and every weekend in and around the bars of Liverpool and during the summer at festivals like V, Creamfields, Latitude, Rockness and the Garden Festival in Croatia.

This blog will one day have loads of my mixes on but I’ve got a bit of a bad habit in not being very proficient at getting around to making them. Eventually this may be a new years resolution I stick to, but don’t hold your breath. One thing it definitely will have is a lot of pictures of Slick Rick, links to all the reviews and interviews I write for various websites and spotify playlists galore. Not to mention links to brand new music I love and information, here and there about the gigs I play at. It’s more about my views and beliefs on clubland than me as an entity though. Thank fuck.

I updated this about section about a year after everything on the old one changed. Always swift.

ASOS’ Nike Air Max Facts

The world went crazy for Nike Air Max Day on Wednesday. At work we showed off on our Facebook (complete with a rather bizarre choice of pose form myself, ooops), and I used it as a shoddy excuse to look moody on Instagram. ASOS were a bit better than that though, by hosting the first shoppable Google+ hangout in partnership with Nike on the big day.

They reduced some prices (as did Size and Urban Industry) as part of a flash sale for some of the nattiest Air Max 1s, 90s, Air  Lights or whatever other variations of the finest trainer to adorn feet was looking fresh. And they also showcased five natty facts about the history of them too. You can see the ASOS post here.

And remember these trainers look boss on the other 364 days of year as well.

Nike Air Max Day


It’s got to be said, Nike Air Max are probably the nicest designed trainers of all time. Everything about them is just gorgeous, the ease with each the colour combos can be rocked via the trims, the eyelets, the iconic logo on the side and back, and of course the raised sole with the visible air unit. They’re basically fresher than Slick Rick in 88.

26th March 2014 is the date that marks the 27 year anniversary of when the first ever pair of Air Max 1s hit the high streets, and to commemorate that day in 1987 Nike have announced it’s Air Max day, with the promotional video getting you in the mood.

As you can see from this recently instagrammed picture, Air Max take pride and place on the epic shoe rack that adorns my flat, and come Wednesday I’ll be rocking mine. Do the same with your classic footwear.


El Nino Andres – Infatuacion (Hija de Colombia)


Some decent disco infused house here all the way from Columbia, with four simply titled tracks raiding funk soul and of course disco for the house thud. B1 is a decent bit of melody driven melancholy whilst the looped funk of A2 also appeals. Stream the lot below for your own view, the EP is out now.

Rob Shields – Shards / Silhouetted (Psyth Records)

Like glistening techno and house? Then brand new label Pysth Records could be for you, if their first release form Rob Shields is anything to go by. His grooves have picked up support from Maya Jane Coles and jozif in the past and on the evidence of this it’s not hard to see why. ‘Shards’ is a lovely piece of floaty house, the kind of otherworldly tackle that makes sense as the soundtrack to the hazy conversations that happen long after you should of gone to bed. ‘Silhouetted’ is a bit more urgent, a good mid set breather or decent for early hours warm up. Stream them above, and you can buy from 31st March.

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