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Be Inspired: “The Life of Heavy D” Documentary

Heavy D was found dead last year, there was a slew of tributes that poured in from the world of hip-hop, as well as a bevvy of song related puns across social networking. Standard response to any celebrity death then, you’d think. However what marked his untimely death (he was merely 44) in hip-hop circles was that it was a rare instance of someone within the genre dying from causes not hugely intertwined with the lyrical subject matter of guns and crime. A silver lining on the dark cloud of death perhaps, but one nevertheless to cling onto as the world mourned.

This documentary details the encouraging impact the rapper had others; even his final ever tweet to the world was ‘Be Inspired’, which in itself is indicative not just of his impact on the planet but the way the world has changed to embracing the power of social networking. Watch for an insight into a truly legendary voice who’s impact on the genre was immense, pushing the early ruminations of rnb and hip-hop with his smash hits with Aaron Hall of Guy to the way that one of his dancers inspired the hip-hop classic song to remember the dead.

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