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About General Jimmy


Welcome to my blog. I’m an editor, DJ, part time PR worker and social neanderthal from a rather boring town in the Midlands called Telford and now living in Liverpool. By day I ‘m the editor for Skiddle based in Preston, the mean streets of which you can see me looking like a right twat above. I also write for DMC World and Data Transmission, and have been published by DJMag, iDJ and quite a few more. As well as writing about music, I also play it for other people to sashay awkwardly to, each and every weekend in and around the bars of Liverpool and during the summer at festivals like V, Creamfields, Latitude, Rockness and the Garden Festival in Croatia.

This blog will one day have loads of my mixes on but I’ve got a bit of a bad habit in not being very proficient at getting around to making them. Eventually this may be a new years resolution I stick to, but don’t hold your breath. One thing it definitely will have is a lot of pictures of Slick Rick, links to all the reviews and interviews I write for various websites and spotify playlists galore. Not to mention links to brand new music I love and information, here and there about the gigs I play at. It’s more about my views and beliefs on clubland than me as an entity though. Thank fuck.

I updated this about section about a year after everything on the old one changed. Always swift.

I’m back


It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you…

After a near year hiatus (of my own posts) I’m bringing this blog back. I became an editor of a website back in 2013 and consequently a lot of my time went on that, but new year’s resolutions and all means I’m belatedly getting this back on track.

In the past the blog was propped up by the occasional guest contributor, in particular Darren Williams’ leftfield thinking. That’ll be stopping for the foreseeable future (you can follow Darren’s theorising here though, and you definitely should) as it’ll be just about the music, writing, clothes and general weirdness that engulfs my life. Soz aba that x

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