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ASOS’ Nike Air Max Facts

The world went crazy for Nike Air Max Day on Wednesday. At work we showed off on our Facebook (complete with a rather bizarre choice of pose form myself, ooops), and I used it as a shoddy excuse to look moody on Instagram. ASOS were a bit better than that though, by hosting the first shoppable Google+ hangout in partnership with Nike on the big day.

They reduced some prices (as did Size and Urban Industry) as part of a flash sale for some of the nattiest Air Max 1s, 90s, Air  Lights or whatever other variations of the finest trainer to adorn feet was looking fresh. And they also showcased five natty facts about the history of them too. You can see the ASOS post here.

And remember these trainers look boss on the other 364 days of year as well.

Nike Air Max Day


It’s got to be said, Nike Air Max are probably the nicest designed trainers of all time. Everything about them is just gorgeous, the ease with each the colour combos can be rocked via the trims, the eyelets, the iconic logo on the side and back, and of course the raised sole with the visible air unit. They’re basically fresher than Slick Rick in 88.

26th March 2014 is the date that marks the 27 year anniversary of when the first ever pair of Air Max 1s hit the high streets, and to commemorate that day in 1987 Nike have announced it’s Air Max day, with the promotional video getting you in the mood.

As you can see from this recently instagrammed picture, Air Max take pride and place on the epic shoe rack that adorns my flat, and come Wednesday I’ll be rocking mine. Do the same with your classic footwear.


BnB Interview: Russell Reid

“It was quite and open brief, so I started experimenting with gelling images of humans, animals and random objects together until they looked twisted and often quite disturbed. They loved the designs and the rest is history.”

As mentioned previously, I was going to be interviewing Russ Reid of Wasted Heroes ahead fo the #CircusX celebrations this weekend. The result was an insightful look into the world of club design. Hit the quote to head to the interview.

Wasted Heroes & Circus X

There’s an oft forgotten role in clubland. Whilst we move to the sounds of DJs, crowd around in clubs, and give our money to the promoters wily enough to orchestrate it all for us, one role is crucial in garnering our attention in the first place – the graphic designer. One of those who has had a particularly dynamic role in clubland is Russell Reid, who is undergoing something of a furtive period right now. As the lead designer for Circus for nigh on the entirety of their ten years, he’s been responsible for iconic designs such as the following masterpiece:

Russ has a three day epic weekend rolling up for his wares and club involvement, with Circus turning ten with two shows In London and Liverpool and him hosting Space’s El Salon for the We Love closing party on Sunday 30th September. Featuring at the shows are the likes of Seth Troxler, Maceo Plex, Bicep (who headline El Salon at Space), Sascha Dive, Yousef (obviously) and Riva Starr, whilst a gluttony of artists have been pcitured wearing Russ’ eye catching Circus X merchandise in recent months. One of them being a rather well know grinning superstar who appears at the top of this page.

I’ll be posting more details in the upcoming days on some interviews with Russ as well as one or two places you can win some of his clobber. However until then head over to the Wasted Heroes website and the Circus X merchandise mini-site if you want to get your hands on the clothing sooner.

Head here for full details for Circus London with Yousef, Riva Starr, Sascha Dive and more.

The Liverpool counterpart with Sasha, Seth Troxler, Maceo Plex, Yousef, Davide Squillace and Lewis Boardman is via this link.

Peep the below sampler for Yousef’s brand new album ‘A Product of Your Environment’.

Han Kjobenhavn

Even though I love my garbs I did promise that I’d avoid fashion posts on this blog in favour of adding them to another one day that is as of yet unlaunched (and doubtless ever will be) blog, I did just catch a video that was too cool to avoid mentioning. Danish work wear brand Han Kjobenhavn have just dropped this disturbing but rather brilliant short clip to promote their clobber. Considering it’s very rare that old people doing such dastardly things as this are ever used to promote anything, let alone fashion, it’s is worth a mention. The clothes are available here from Oi Polloi (who tipped me in this direction anyway through their rather lovely blog). Slick as you like.

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