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Jesse Rose Interview on BnB

“I can honestly say I don’t have much of an idea; I don’t play with any of the EDM guys at all. I tour the house and techno clubs in North America and there are some really amazing places to play. In L.A I like to play warehouse parties downtown, they’re done really well and have a really European feel to it. People like DJ Harvey & Doc Martin have been putting on parties here for years and I’ve gotta say they’re some of the best parties in the world. It’s just about great vibes.”

hit the quote for the interview.

Darius Syrossian Interview on BnB

“A lot of people don’t know anything about Iran, they think it is like Iraq or Afghanistan. It is not. It is one of the richest countries in the world, and 60% of the population is under 30, and they are one of the most educated countries not only in the Middle East but the World and I’m talking about university educated. There is a big misconception about Iran, Iran is not just a Muslim country, in Iran there are Iranian Jews, Iranian Christians, Orthodox Armenians as well, and everyone lives happily side by side.”

Detailed interview from a great producer; his insight into Iran was particularly interesting. Hit the quote.

Acid Mondays Interview on Pulse

“Ibiza is forever changing, and evolving. This summer was great, Circo Loco was our favourite party, great vibe there this year but there were nights like Enter, Music On and El Row that bought something fresh to the table. Also a lot more daytime/beach parties this year which is great as you cant beat partying outside in the sun.”

First ever article up on Pulse, speaking to Acid Mondays ahead of them playing for Circus in Liverpool and London this month. Hit the quote as usual. Exclusive mix with the story as well.

Big Boi talks to Cipha, Rosenberg & Kfoxx

Outkast’s gangster baller Big Boi was recently interviewed on a number of topics by Cipha, Rosenberg & Kfoxx about issues relating to his ongoing solo work and the ultimate question; will him and Andre ever make another record? In particular it was sparked by Dre’s apology on the soon to drop T.I. record ‘Sorry’.

Another question involved Dre’s fashion sense, which although ridiculously outlandish often makes people forget Big Boi ain’t exactly straight and narrow on that front. The emcee cis equally fly, if more conventionally focused on pimp and gansgter demeanour. Well worth listening to.

South Central Interview on BnB

“Our stage performances have been crazy way before we have seen Mr Aoki! His shows are like a massive fuckin’ wikkid party and he’s the man bringing it all! Steve is one of the nicest guys have we met in the music industry. He is hardworking, I guess that’s where our brains meet ! We too work hard and are determined to achieve our goals…”

Brand new interview with bass music extremists South Central.

Severino Interview on Horsemeat Disco

“I think it is the combination of the crowd, the vibe and the idea of being able to keep everything and everyone happy. I don’t mind sometimes playing “that” cheesy record at the end of the day we are having fun so what’s the problem? That balance is always needed”

I chewed the fat with Horsemeat Disco’s Severino about his new compilation for Classic Records, disco, gays and a few other things that rank highly on my favourite things list. Hit the quote

Guy J Interview on Data Transmission & Circus London Fri 27th Oct

“Every place has its own style of music or its own way to react to music and that is what is so inspiring about all this. There are places I go and beforehand I’m working on music specifically for that place and those people – music that is inspired by my experiences, that I feel belongs to these places.”

I spoke to Guy J ahead of him dropping by the Egg in London this weekend for Circus for Data Transmission, clicking on the quote as ever takes you straight to the feature.

The event in question is the launch party for Yousef’s sophomore album ‘A Product of Your Environment’, with Yousef and Guy joined by Luca Bachetti, Jon Rundell and Lewis Boardman.

Yousef also recently released two videos, one which previously got a mention here and the other for ‘For the Terraces’ which takes in the sunk issed shores of Ibiza, a certainly different approach to the Liverpool focused approach on ‘Feel the Same thing’. Check that out below.

BnB Interview: Russell Reid

“It was quite and open brief, so I started experimenting with gelling images of humans, animals and random objects together until they looked twisted and often quite disturbed. They loved the designs and the rest is history.”

As mentioned previously, I was going to be interviewing Russ Reid of Wasted Heroes ahead fo the #CircusX celebrations this weekend. The result was an insightful look into the world of club design. Hit the quote to head to the interview.

John Heckle Interview on The Ransom Note

“Voodoo in Liverpool was a huge influence for me. I was too young to go in its heyday in the 90’s, but I was lucky enough to go in the last decade, and even had the good fortune of playing a few. Had some of the best nights of my life there, including seeing Galaxy 2 Galaxy live which was particularly awe-inspiring”

Liverpool techno and house DJ John Heckle waxes lyrical with The Ransom Note ahead of his gig with Secretsundaze on Sunday, and the interview is well worth a read. The above quote relates to the influence of seminal Liverpool clubnight Voodoo as well, which returns after recently being beset by tragedy later this year with Jeff Mills (another key subject during the interview) headlining with a four hour set. Full details of that are here.

I was lucky enough to also be at that particular Voodoo he mentions with Galaxy to Galaxy, and it’s still to this date the finest two hours of music I have ever heard. I also interviewed Underground resistance prior to the show despite not knowing that much about them, which is avaiable on the old Plastic Soup archives. You can stream John’s raw as you like house masterclass courtesy of FACT below as well.

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