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Kydus, Midland + more reviewed on DMC



I’ve had a glut of reviews published over on DMC, a bit later than when I originally wrote them due to some email issues. Click on the links below for them





Ropy Ayers ‘Everybody loves the Sunshine’


“The whole thing sits in this woozy netherworld where jazz, funk and soul collide, never really fitting any of the standard troupes for each and all the better for it.”

Every time the man behind the best vibes in music, in every sense, comes back to the UK we usually bring back my article on Skiddle about his breakthrough UK releases. I am of course talking about Roy Ayers, and the jazz musician heads to Nottingham’s Southbank on Sunday 24th July which, fingers crossed, will follow a day of “folks getting down in the sunshine”. Classic stuff.

Craig David’s Born to Do it

Historically I’d never been that much of a fan of Craig David beyond his singles. I’ve always been hugely into turn of the century R&B and the Artful Dodger’s pop garage vibes but the two meeting didn’t appeal that much, but I revisited his debut album for Skiddle.

It’s much better than I remember, and has aged remarkably well – making his revival all the more well timed. The man himself even started following me on twitter as a consequence of it – re-result.

Read the Skiddle article here.

MFS: Observatory ‘YY EP’

Most of this EP isn’t really  something for me TBH, well produced rolling techno which will probably sound great in a club but isn’t my bag, but the final cut ‘Y3’ I’m definitely down with. It’s got a decent solid groove on it with a kick that gets a right stomp going on. It’s full of tinkling effects, a fairly illegible vocal and is proper heads down tackle for those serious moments in the disco. Check it for yourself above.

The EP is out now on Butane’s Alphahouse imprint (he also contributes a remix). Head here for more info.

New reviews on DMC


Here’s a round up of some of the reviews I’ve done on DMC in the past few weeks

Maurice Aymard & Sasse Backwards EP

Dave Seaman – ‘Justified Replacement of Lulu’ – (Remixes)

Album Review: Caribou ‘Our Love’


“You can always tell the quality of an album by the ideas that are used for the interludes and skits, and the confidence in allowing these two to develop fleetingly only intensifies the feeling this is a special release.”

Read my review of the new Caribou album over on Skiddle via the above quote. Spoiler, it’s boss.

El Nino Andres – Infatuacion (Hija de Colombia)


Some decent disco infused house here all the way from Columbia, with four simply titled tracks raiding funk soul and of course disco for the house thud. B1 is a decent bit of melody driven melancholy whilst the looped funk of A2 also appeals. Stream the lot below for your own view, the EP is out now.

Rob Shields – Shards / Silhouetted (Psyth Records)

Like glistening techno and house? Then brand new label Pysth Records could be for you, if their first release form Rob Shields is anything to go by. His grooves have picked up support from Maya Jane Coles and jozif in the past and on the evidence of this it’s not hard to see why. ‘Shards’ is a lovely piece of floaty house, the kind of otherworldly tackle that makes sense as the soundtrack to the hazy conversations that happen long after you should of gone to bed. ‘Silhouetted’ is a bit more urgent, a good mid set breather or decent for early hours warm up. Stream them above, and you can buy from 31st March.

youngTEE – Can’t Stop Young


This is a decent enough EP from London producer youngTEE but it is all about this track ‘Can’t Stop Young’, which is an amazingly well produced beast of a track. Check the rest but this track is epic in it’s full glory, killer fodder from Southern Fried.

Samu.l ‘Restless Dreams’ – review on Pulse


“The original is built round a dreamy vocal sample of a gloriously famous pop duo, set atop a blissed out backing that gives it that haunting jack which is oh so on the money right now.”

Review of the brand new Samu.l track which kicked off Selador Records.

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