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Brand new show on Melodic Distraction

I bailed on the music industry as my full-time source of income in 2019. It had been a pretty rewarding arena with loads of perks, but for various reasons, it had stopped delivering everything I’d have liked it too, and the time felt right for a change.

But whilst the day job is different, me and actual music just had a little break. I still DJ from time to time, and having worked with Melodic Distraction a fair bit from my time at Skiddle I’d always thought about a show with them. I just wasn’t sure how it would work.

I finally figured on a concept I was happy with, so enter Check the Rhime. CTR will basically be a show about how great hip-hop is, celebrating the culture and the impact alongside the music too. It will look at music from the 50 year plus history of the genre, but try and avoid the obvious classics such as TROY, 93 till Infinity and CREAM, as great as they are.

[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1]

The show will be at 4pm on the first Sunday of every month, kick-starting on Sunday February 2nd (the first show is now live, play it above). The show will involve quite a lucid interpretation of the genre. For me you can class Wiley as hip-hop. And Massive Atack. Flying Lotus too. Anything that shares some form of genealogy and revolves around break based sampling and/or emceeing makes the cut for me.

There are two regular features on it, Sample Example and a guest interview. The former explores some great sample material and the records they inspired, whilst the latter will feature a variety of people enthusing about why they love hip-hop. First up is Jacaranda records’ Namina Koroma on February 2nd, followed by Threshold Festival and fellow MD host Chris Carney 1st March.

For more on MD check their website.

Moscoman unleashes the ‘Wave Rave’

I’ve always quite admired Moscoman, a deft producer who makes really well thought out house and slow motion techno.

That said, his productions can sometimes be a bit low key for me. This definitely doesn’t fit that bill, coming off with all the shiny synth epicness of an Eric Pyrdz of Krystal Klear smasher but losing of that almost Weatherall esque production finesse. It’s a BIG record, one you can see tonnes of DJs turning to this summer.

It’s backed up by gargling acid and ‘Spastick drums on ‘Dinner For One’, trippy middle eastern vibes via ‘550’ and bouncy italo in the shape of ‘Space Comfort’. The EP is out on DJ DJ Tennis’s Life And Death imprint on April 26th – pre-order here.

Niv Ast & Eliezer knock out ‘The Untold Story of Del Fierro’

Israel’s electronic music scene has been on point for time, and this EP showcases why it continues to deliver on the underground.

Trippy melodies and grungy basslines, warped guitars and woozy vocals; this has got everything that’s good about punkier dance music. The duo in question, Niv Ast & Eliezer, I don;t know too much about but apparently they’re players on the Telv Aviv scene. Not hard to see why on the strength of this release. Dig it on Bandcamp from May 15th or download which is available for free below.

Decca ‘Reworks’ review



New album review up on Skiddle

Nike / Air Wildwood LE (ACG) Trainers

It’s been one heck of a long summer, and apparently it’s set to continue this nice weather for a few more weeks – obviously great. Don’t front though, October is still round the corner and soon enough winter will be here and it’ll be fucking grim again. Proper grim.


In my infinite knowledge I’ve decided to plan ahead this year for my winter trainers and bed a pair in a little bit earlier than usual, and went for these badboys from Nike. Part of their rugged ACG range, I read a few things on blogs and whatnot which basically makes them capable of surviving a nuclear holocaust, a Daily Mail hate campaign and the sexual advances of Dave Lee Travis, so they should be great for my cheesy size 11 feet. Plus they look great, I don’t know how hot pink andolive green works but it does.

Bag a pair from Oi Polloi (where I nabbed the pics from).

Jay-Z kicks off – Open letter

All he did was go on holiday. Hopping to cuba got a few people annoyed with Jigga so he did what anyone would do, wrote a retaliatory record. Special mention to the use of the word dweeb. Big up Hov for that.

Lee Foss and Matador star for Circus London


circus London closes of 2012 in the capital with a rather natty party on the 22nd December. Naturally Yousef is at the helm, but Hot Creations henchman Lee Foss and techno troubadour Matador will also be featuring. The latter, in case you forgot, was behind this monstrosity of fear last year. Strobetastic techno for those wanting a pre Christmas rave.

Cesar Coronado – Voodoo (inc Till von Sein & Dixie Yure remixes)

Lovely five tracker on Fiakun from US producer Cesar Coronado with one original, one remix and three detectable edits. The original is Voodoo, and that is a slab of shuffling oh so now house music that is heavy on groove and the kind of whispered, hushed vocals that are the cornerstone of the Visonquest sound. If you like lovely banging deep house and don’t furrow your brow in disgust at bandwagons you will love this.

That gets remixed to decent effect with a deeper focus from Berlin badboy Till von Sein, whilst Edit 2 adds a crunchy electronic backing for use of Robin S’ ‘Show me Love’. If you’re still part of the anti bandwagon brigade this should send you into overload, but as cheeky bits of fun go it’s pretty useable and worth a punt. The remix-cum-cover on Edit #4 of Kylie’s slow is a sleazier take on pop and worth a go, whilst Dixie Youre drops a cooler mix of ‘Edit #2’. Out now and worth checking.

When did the dancing stop – Farley’s Thoughts

“When did we start watching a DJ instead of dancing with our mates, why do we put up with idiotic people taking up the floor who are filming the DJ, mwhy is the best dance floors now being cut to ribbons to provide extra table space for naff VIP’s (Pacha in Ibiza hang your head in shame), people with more money than taste and who in some extreme situations in the US have had DJs thrown off the decks because they did not like the music?”

Terry Farley drops a great vblog over on Faith about the superstar DJ culture. Don’t agree with every single point but it’s a great thought on what house music and club culture should be all about.


Gorgeous record, from the minute the synth shatters through the crackle at the beginning this is vintage Passion Pit. Bask in the final shards of summer.

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