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Hip-hop playlists on Spotify

I’ve been building up a hefty Spotify playlist catalogue for a while now. The one that seems to have got the most traction with other users has been my 95-99 HipHop bangers, with a three-figure subscription count.

It’s now clocking in at over seven hours too, so if you’re into late nineties hip-hop it doesn’t get much better. Well, I would say that. It’s embedded above and you can subscribe directly to it here. Best to leave on shuffle as well.

So to follow that up I’ve since added two further ones, also looking at five-year increments. They’re not quite as exhaustive yet, but all three are updated regularly (at least a few times a week). Subscribe to the imaginatively titled 90-95 Hip Hop Bangers and also 85-89 Hip Hop Bangers.

2020 will hopefully bring a slew of playlist around other years too.

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