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Is Aleister making a fool of us all? – Darren’s Alt Theory Apr 2012

So you’re in the Bar into the 3hr of a Friday evening session, one of the amigos
(that’s the intelligent el hermano) suddenly asks a question –

Which person had the greatest influence on the 20th Century?

Everybody looks puzzled then suddenly starts giving out names which results in defending their selections some decent others total blam foolishness yet due to the introduction of alcohol it get’s confusing sorting genuine picks from the blag…

Clement Attlee, Dr. Dre for making ‘The Chronic’, Marie Curie, Russ Meyer, Emily Pankhurst, Geoffrey out of Rainbow, Henry Kissinger, Rosa Parks, Walt Disney, Tim Berners-Lee, Russ Meyer, Mr. Kippling for those Apple Pies, Nina Hagen, whoever was responsible for ‘Super Mario Kar’t on the Super Nintendo… etc

The actual ‘winner’ is Aleister Crowley. You might be reading this saying you’ve never heard of this fella therefore how he could have such an influence? Yet if I mention who just missed out on the Gold Medal you might be a bit more inclined to acknowledge his impact…

Edward Bernays was the originator of Mass Advertising, including using the glamour of celebrities to endorse products especially within the Fashion Industry. He also happened to be the nephew of a certain Sigmund Freud. Am more than confident that the majority reading this would have to do a Wikipedia to confirm my information yet Eddies work directly resulted in ‘advances’ such as David ‘Goldenballs’ Beckham elling Underwear for H&M. Therefore something can have a huge impact within the greater society & culture yet isn’t popular knowledge to be spoken about during conversations in the Pub with your fellow Pirates.

Crowley is greater however and helped by two things. His extreme prevented lifestyle was due to being part of the British Elite Plumb Speaking ‘Jolly Good Old Boy’ club, that came as a result of his upbringing (therefore giving him a level of immunity from his now notorious activities). Together with his total devotion in recording methodically his encounters with the mystic particularly the dark side.

One of Crowley’s major achievements is known as ‘The Bornless Ritual’, a back-engineered exorcism. That just so happens to deliver an occult invitation to the ‘Guardian Angel’ of the individual conducting the ceremony to enter their soul. Now before your think an entity like ‘Jonathan Smith’ from 80’s TV Family Classic – Highway to Heaven, is going share your noodle it must be noted that within the Judeo-Christian belief system that Demons are also Angels but happened to be expelled from Heaven for being rather naughty pupils.

Aleister Crowley’s adventures directly influenced the creative process of Hunter S. Thompson & some classify as The Godfather of Party Drugs, American Academic Timothy Leary. Leary had a direct influence on a certain boy-band from Liverpool that some claim as a tribute to Crowley on the 20th anniversary of his death sung…

‘It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play’.

Aleister Crowley is on the front of that famous album cover, he’s top-left & looks like your average
Nightclub Doorman (bald head aggressive looking face). The left-side is said to be that of the Devil, possibly the reason why a current Global Mega Pop Star has each one of their Tattoos on just the left side of their body?

More disturbing is prior to Sgt. Pepper in 1966, the original single cover art photo, commonly referred to as The Butcher Cover for perhaps the most loved song by The Beatles ‘Yesterday’. Having ‘The Four Musketeers’ wearing white coats, draped with dismembered doll parts, slabs of meat & false teeth. No wonder, Macca eventually turned Vegetarian

Even after 46yrs if JLS, the UK’s latest Boyband darlings decided to do that outrage would justifiably occur, Heavy Metal yeah but Pop Music? Would you want your Teenage Daughter to have that poster on her Bedroom Wall..!! Another interesting thing is looking at the Beatles they look absolutely off their rocker which isn’t surprising. Common knowledge is that major money making performers are given drugs to keep them going therefore as a result manipulation possibly even mind control.

Crowley writings directly influenced the work & life including a very interesting property purchase in Scotland made by a certain Jimmy Page – Leader of Led Zeppelin therefore a prime influence on generations of Musicians especially within Rock & Metal. Page has been very open around his admiration of ‘The Great Beast 666’ – the nickname that Crowley gave himself.

Even Jay-Z delivers props to Crowley by wearing his most famous saying “Do What Thou Wilt” on a hooded top, during a TV Interview (for that don’t believe this do a simple Internet Search & you’ll see it). So just remember this, the next time you’re dancing at a Wedding Reception.

In Ancient Greece especially the teachings of Plato, it’s been debated that Music has properties connecting the mystic with the mathematic. Once knowing this method, then control of people occurs therefore the Musician achieves Magick.

The best example of this is the background story for the album ‘A Love Supreme’ by John Coltrane. Coltrane (never a follower of Crowley) used a technique from antiquity ‘The Golden Mean’ together with selected writings of Leonardo di Vinci dealing with the spiritual to therefore create what many consider one of the greatest achievements ever in Music.

I’ve always been fascinated by those whom strive to be gain positions of high-profile influence in Society, vanity must be a major factor for their success yet the real battle is longevity. Hence the possible reason why it’s common for those involved in entertainment always searching in desperation for these obscure religions that have links with the dark occult knowledge to help them maintain that top-billing status.

Aleister Crowley’s influence is stronger than ever within Elite Circles specifically within the Western Developed World which influence all sectors of our Society. Pop Music has always been a vehicle of cultural change yet maybe its engineered purpose is to facilitate this agenda?

Direct interaction with the dark occult is like breathing carbon monoxide, you can’t see, smell or taste it but interact with it over a prolonged period of time & your guaranteed to feel it’s damaging effects.

It might be April 1st but the choice of allowing to be fooled for the rest of your life, is yours.

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