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Jamie Jones throws Paul Outlar (and Cosmic Boogie) some love

Paul Outlar is boss. I say this not just because he made the best website ever involved in Liverpool clubbing, or because he sucked me off a few times when I lived with him. It’s not even due to the fact that he also pays for the hosting of this very site. No, the real reason he gets loads of verbal reach-a-rounds from my ends is because he is an absolutely wicked DJ.

Seems me (and everyone worth knowing in Liverpool) is not the only person to think that; none other than RA’s Number One DJ of 2011 has also pointed this out. Jamie Jones mentioned on his Facebook page that he was about to spoltight the best ten mixes he had heard during the last ten years, and the above soundcloud link of Paul’s stratospherically funky effort from 2009 was the one he decided to go for. And he’s right; it still sounds amazing.

And for the record he is shit at blowjobs.

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