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Love International Mix 27 – Jonny Rock

Festivals, remember them? 2020 has been the year that has destroyed the pastime which as dominated the other 20 of this century, with Covid-19 killing off festivals for the time being.

Fortunately, plenty have still been knocking out content, with Love International’s mix series as good as the festival itself. The latest features former Music for Freaks alumni Jonny ROck with sixty minutes of low slung chugging goodness.

I actually booked Jonny way back in 2005 for my clubnight Superfly. His music didn’t really work with our crowd, which was just wild youngsters chewing garies, but I remember enjoying his set. Bit of a self-indulgent booking for me if I’m being honest, but it’s good to see one of the DJs from that era we had still connecting with me musically.

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