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Darren’s Alternative Theory – Special Report July 2012 Pt 1

‘Straight out of a Comic: allegations, rumours & concerns about the London 2012 Olympics – Part 1 of 2’.

I occasionally think, how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world…” –
President Ronald Reagan at the UN General Assembly, September 21st 1987.

On July 27th, the world will watch the start of the most expensive Olympic Games ever due in some measure to the overt security measures taken in place by the UK Government to prevent a substantial Terrorist attack on the Capital. More military troops will be in London over four weeks (Olympics & then the Paralympics) than at the same time in the current ‘nest of Terrorism’ – Afghanistan.

Another strange contradiction, that’s yet to be raised in the Main-Stream Media is the fact, a no fly-zone exists over a considerable section of the Olympic site with a next-level real-time I.T System that is so advanced it can detect a single balloon become loose in this sector, it will be instantly recorded by a combination of Radar & CCTV.

Allow me to produce Exhibit ‘A’ for your consideration:

Olympic ring of steel: SIX missile sites protect Games - Daily Mail 29th May 2012

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) will take control of the entire Airspace for the
South-East of the UK for the duration of the 4wks, this being the first time this has been done since World War II. The MoD will have authorization over the National Air Traffic Services (Nats) & more importantly it’s employees.
Anything involving the MoD always includes The Official Secrets Act of 1989, therefore it’s more than likely that all non-military staff would have been made to sign this legal document preventing them from detailing any concerns to the Media / British public.

BBC News even did a strange piece around the procedures in place by the MoD should a hijacked commercial plane attempt to do a Kamikaze into the Olympic Stadium; it was noted that as soon any unauthorized aircraft would enter the no-fly zone it would be engaged by Fighter Jets within 1miunte.
After what occurred in New York City on September 11th 2001, it’s perfectly understandable to have No-Fly Zones over major Public Events / locations of high importance yet what got my attention was the introduction of Surface-to-Air Missiles?

I couldn’t understand the logic around the need along with expense during a difficult time for the UK Economy in having Surface-to-Air Missiles on precise elevated locations on civilian property yet also having both the previously mentioned cutting-edge radar system then Navy Aircraft Carriers on stand-by on the River Thames all overseen by the MoD unless…

something descending from the sky may appear, hence the MoD’s firm stance even creating worry in the neighbourhoods that these weapons are based.

According, to legend the Olympics had been created as entrainment for the Ancient Greeks God’s. Connect that with Sports Day’s which occur in the majority of British Schools during the end of each Academic Year (July); Parents are invited to watch the spectacle of their Children compete in an idealistic contest that’s about the value of taking part rather than gaining victory. The Schools use it as some sort of promotional device to prove to the Parents around them actually being a credible institution teaching pupils moral values such as good sportsmanship combined with the academic stuff. It’s an inspection but disguised within an informal ‘fun setting’ ( it must be noted many people that have experienced participating in these events often feel the polar opposite) during the most pleasant weather of the year.

A new theory within the Alternative Community being that Homosapien’s had been genetically created with the single aim of mining for Gold throughout time for our ‘Engineers’; hence that natural resource having such importance within history & more importantly direct religious significance to Heaven & ultimately God(s).

It’s common-knowledge that Elizabeth the II firmly believes that ancestors, current family & herself have been placed in their position by God to guide & protect not only the Commonwealth but also the Planet. This was seen during her Coronation & recently decoded by the researcher – Michael Tsarion.

Therefore, in this Diamond Jubilee Year of Queen Elizabeth the II, by pure coincidence the location she is most recognized with just so happens to have one of the major Global Events occurring.

That’s like believing current British Prime Minister – David Cameron when he constantly blames unemployed people for the UK being in it’s current economic crisis.

    Firstly, how can people gain employment when firms aren’t recruiting along with making people redundant due to the poor state of the economy therefore increasing unemployment.

    Secondly, when did the long-term unemployed direct public-private economic policy? Isn’t that the responsibility of major players such as Cameron whom are employed to deal with such issues?

The reason, I bring the current obsession around unemployment is due to this condescending appeal for volunteers on the official London 2012 Olympic YouTube Channel:

Could this be the BETA Test for David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ or more likely his wet-dream of Natural Selection / “Survival of the fittest” / Necessity is the mother of invention model of Britannia that he’d like to introduce.
Before anybody claims that Eddie Lizzard… soz, I meant Izzard is the polar opposite, I recommend you have a careful re-watching of the above YouTube & ask yourself does he come across within it as a EU New Labour Neo-Socialist?

As with anything other numerous opinions are always available on Mr. Lizzard, due you consider him funny because Lorraine Kelly tells you or due to everybody in work repeating this endlessly? A bit like Ricky Gervais Syndrome, one zombizoid repeats what the other one said therefore due to mass appeal it must be based on fact?

Well, if you take the rule that Humans are genetically engineered creations by a more advanced race of beings to be a combination of Slave, Pets providing Entertainment & Social Experiment no wonder as a species we’re in a right mess.
What could be worse is the actual ‘Engineers’ have the bland yet also superior laced with disgust manner that Davina McCall often had with contestants that had been voted out of the Big Brother House. Could Earth be like that horror-show but on a grander perverted scale?

Hopefully those following this are starting to see that these Olympics could have a deeper along with more sinister purpose than watching in awe as the long distance running team for Kenya run 94 Laps with the grace together with ease it takes a British person to decide if they want Salad with their Donner Kebab on yet another drunk early
hours Sunday Morning.

    I have to keep remembering that this site is generally viewed by Liverpool Nightclub people & Electronic Dance Music Insiders, so I’ll make this into a Music Video Intermission.

    So what did you think of the above then? For me to break THAT down would require a separate article & am guessing the majority of your heads are proper fried-egg dealing with these various concepts. Unfortunately, the above Music Video has a corporate connection with the London 2012 Olympic Games as seen below…

So we have an established corporate player deciding to use as a theme tune for it’s ad campaign the music of a group, that has let’s say interesting stuff contained within THAT (it can only be Capital Letters) actual music video for the song. Don’t these major corporations have PR Departments with the resources equivalent to the GDP of Denmark therefore meaning it could have only been authorized, perhaps?

Yeah, what’s with the streams of light coming from the sky touching down throughout London & then being seen making direct contact with the Athletes… erm let me guess that this could possibly represent what will occur connecting it with the Ancient Greek myths.

Participants in the Olympics represents ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’
translation being ‘Swifter, Higher, Stronger’ you could say they symbolize the ultimate in human development making perfect specimens to do experimentation on with the aim of ‘improving’ Human Genetics.
Once those light-stream make contact those Athletes go all fast-forward zooooooooooom.

It’s been the talk of many an Internet Forum, that the official mascots possibly represent The ‘Engineers’ in a hidden in plain right in front of you sight type in-joke.

Those two have a certain resemblance to something don’t you think…

This get’s even better as the official logo of the games cost the London 2012 Organising Committee, (LOCOG) £400,000..!! See if you think they got value for money…

Former Olympian & Head Man at the LOCOG, Lord Coe (nice shirt) on it’s public launch realizing the obvious public backlash said…

“This is the vision at the very heart of our brand…”.

Something that looks that odd must have an alternative meaning or it really would be a waste of money…

other meaning

As always The Freemasonic Brotherhood, a religion that is actually mentioned in the Bible – Exodus 32 & 1 Kings 11 is possibly the ‘Spider that’s responsible for this Web’. Due to their obsession with Ancient Egypt, The Star Sirius (Outer Space),
King Solomon & Dr. John Dee.

the eye

The Eye of Horus in Ancient Egypt stood mainly for Royalty but had a deeper mystical connection with wrath. Today, this symbol is connected in the public mind with The Freemasonic Brotherhood in some manner due to being exposed by various Hollywood Movies. This eye is all-seeing & reminds those in the order that every thought, word & action is observed by their God also dramatically known as The Great Architect of the Universe.

In a nutshell from my research regarding The Freemasonic Brotherhood, have been aware of two realms of existence:

• The one you’re currently reading this article in.
• Another being unseen, a combination of mathematics meeting magick.

They wish to master both therefore gaining an overt controlling influence on the planet doing the management role for the owners previous mentioned ‘Engineers’.

Another obsession of The Freemasonic Brotherhood is creating a new improved version of Zion (or Jerusalem) will be made in the UK possibly London.

One of the most famous pieces of English Literature is ‘Jerusalem’ (Zion) – hymn poem around this very point.

…Till we have built Jerusalem
In England’s green and pleasant land

Yet again it’s creator William Blake during his life had deep connections with the esoteric including
The Freemasonic Brotherhood.

I’ll make this the end of Part 1 with the majority of this ‘Pyramid’, Part 2 will be more like the ‘Golden Capstone’ floating above the main-body of this article your reading in this reality.

Continue the conversation around this article on Twitter: @DazAltTheory And on Part Two of the discussion

Is Aleister making a fool of us all? – Darren’s Alt Theory Apr 2012

So you’re in the Bar into the 3hr of a Friday evening session, one of the amigos
(that’s the intelligent el hermano) suddenly asks a question –

Which person had the greatest influence on the 20th Century?

Everybody looks puzzled then suddenly starts giving out names which results in defending their selections some decent others total blam foolishness yet due to the introduction of alcohol it get’s confusing sorting genuine picks from the blag…

Clement Attlee, Dr. Dre for making ‘The Chronic’, Marie Curie, Russ Meyer, Emily Pankhurst, Geoffrey out of Rainbow, Henry Kissinger, Rosa Parks, Walt Disney, Tim Berners-Lee, Russ Meyer, Mr. Kippling for those Apple Pies, Nina Hagen, whoever was responsible for ‘Super Mario Kar’t on the Super Nintendo… etc

The actual ‘winner’ is Aleister Crowley. You might be reading this saying you’ve never heard of this fella therefore how he could have such an influence? Yet if I mention who just missed out on the Gold Medal you might be a bit more inclined to acknowledge his impact…

Edward Bernays was the originator of Mass Advertising, including using the glamour of celebrities to endorse products especially within the Fashion Industry. He also happened to be the nephew of a certain Sigmund Freud. Am more than confident that the majority reading this would have to do a Wikipedia to confirm my information yet Eddies work directly resulted in ‘advances’ such as David ‘Goldenballs’ Beckham elling Underwear for H&M. Therefore something can have a huge impact within the greater society & culture yet isn’t popular knowledge to be spoken about during conversations in the Pub with your fellow Pirates.

Crowley is greater however and helped by two things. His extreme prevented lifestyle was due to being part of the British Elite Plumb Speaking ‘Jolly Good Old Boy’ club, that came as a result of his upbringing (therefore giving him a level of immunity from his now notorious activities). Together with his total devotion in recording methodically his encounters with the mystic particularly the dark side.

One of Crowley’s major achievements is known as ‘The Bornless Ritual’, a back-engineered exorcism. That just so happens to deliver an occult invitation to the ‘Guardian Angel’ of the individual conducting the ceremony to enter their soul. Now before your think an entity like ‘Jonathan Smith’ from 80’s TV Family Classic – Highway to Heaven, is going share your noodle it must be noted that within the Judeo-Christian belief system that Demons are also Angels but happened to be expelled from Heaven for being rather naughty pupils.

Aleister Crowley’s adventures directly influenced the creative process of Hunter S. Thompson & some classify as The Godfather of Party Drugs, American Academic Timothy Leary. Leary had a direct influence on a certain boy-band from Liverpool that some claim as a tribute to Crowley on the 20th anniversary of his death sung…

‘It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play’.

Aleister Crowley is on the front of that famous album cover, he’s top-left & looks like your average
Nightclub Doorman (bald head aggressive looking face). The left-side is said to be that of the Devil, possibly the reason why a current Global Mega Pop Star has each one of their Tattoos on just the left side of their body?

More disturbing is prior to Sgt. Pepper in 1966, the original single cover art photo, commonly referred to as The Butcher Cover for perhaps the most loved song by The Beatles ‘Yesterday’. Having ‘The Four Musketeers’ wearing white coats, draped with dismembered doll parts, slabs of meat & false teeth. No wonder, Macca eventually turned Vegetarian

Even after 46yrs if JLS, the UK’s latest Boyband darlings decided to do that outrage would justifiably occur, Heavy Metal yeah but Pop Music? Would you want your Teenage Daughter to have that poster on her Bedroom Wall..!! Another interesting thing is looking at the Beatles they look absolutely off their rocker which isn’t surprising. Common knowledge is that major money making performers are given drugs to keep them going therefore as a result manipulation possibly even mind control.

Crowley writings directly influenced the work & life including a very interesting property purchase in Scotland made by a certain Jimmy Page – Leader of Led Zeppelin therefore a prime influence on generations of Musicians especially within Rock & Metal. Page has been very open around his admiration of ‘The Great Beast 666’ – the nickname that Crowley gave himself.

Even Jay-Z delivers props to Crowley by wearing his most famous saying “Do What Thou Wilt” on a hooded top, during a TV Interview (for that don’t believe this do a simple Internet Search & you’ll see it). So just remember this, the next time you’re dancing at a Wedding Reception.

In Ancient Greece especially the teachings of Plato, it’s been debated that Music has properties connecting the mystic with the mathematic. Once knowing this method, then control of people occurs therefore the Musician achieves Magick.

The best example of this is the background story for the album ‘A Love Supreme’ by John Coltrane. Coltrane (never a follower of Crowley) used a technique from antiquity ‘The Golden Mean’ together with selected writings of Leonardo di Vinci dealing with the spiritual to therefore create what many consider one of the greatest achievements ever in Music.

I’ve always been fascinated by those whom strive to be gain positions of high-profile influence in Society, vanity must be a major factor for their success yet the real battle is longevity. Hence the possible reason why it’s common for those involved in entertainment always searching in desperation for these obscure religions that have links with the dark occult knowledge to help them maintain that top-billing status.

Aleister Crowley’s influence is stronger than ever within Elite Circles specifically within the Western Developed World which influence all sectors of our Society. Pop Music has always been a vehicle of cultural change yet maybe its engineered purpose is to facilitate this agenda?

Direct interaction with the dark occult is like breathing carbon monoxide, you can’t see, smell or taste it but interact with it over a prolonged period of time & your guaranteed to feel it’s damaging effects.

It might be April 1st but the choice of allowing to be fooled for the rest of your life, is yours.

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