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Jesse Rose Interview on BnB

“I can honestly say I don’t have much of an idea; I don’t play with any of the EDM guys at all. I tour the house and techno clubs in North America and there are some really amazing places to play. In L.A I like to play warehouse parties downtown, they’re done really well and have a really European feel to it. People like DJ Harvey & Doc Martin have been putting on parties here for years and I’ve gotta say they’re some of the best parties in the world. It’s just about great vibes.”

hit the quote for the interview.

Darius Syrossian Interview on BnB

“A lot of people don’t know anything about Iran, they think it is like Iraq or Afghanistan. It is not. It is one of the richest countries in the world, and 60% of the population is under 30, and they are one of the most educated countries not only in the Middle East but the World and I’m talking about university educated. There is a big misconception about Iran, Iran is not just a Muslim country, in Iran there are Iranian Jews, Iranian Christians, Orthodox Armenians as well, and everyone lives happily side by side.”

Detailed interview from a great producer; his insight into Iran was particularly interesting. Hit the quote.

South Central Interview on BnB

“Our stage performances have been crazy way before we have seen Mr Aoki! His shows are like a massive fuckin’ wikkid party and he’s the man bringing it all! Steve is one of the nicest guys have we met in the music industry. He is hardworking, I guess that’s where our brains meet ! We too work hard and are determined to achieve our goals…”

Brand new interview with bass music extremists South Central.

Garage $ale – Bump n Grind (Waze & Odyssey Mix)

I absolutely LOVE ‘Bump & grind’ by R Kelly. You might have read my previous love letter to the track, but now a brand new edit of it is out riding that whole funky, 90s garage and house sound that is so popular right now. This is definitely not one for the chin-strokers, but it is a proper, proper fun record that understandably has had a huge response at Festivals where more often than not everyone just wants to get off their nut and be happy. And this is perfect for that.

Stream from the soundcloud below, and to download go to Waze & Odyssey’s website where you’ll be asked to pay with a tweet. And why wouldn’t you want to do that? Props to BnB as well for sending me in the direction of the track in the first place as well.

BnB Interview: Marco Del Horno

“For me all the artists on Bullet Train are a priority and should strive to be bigger than the label. Bullet Train is just the vehicle to get the music to the greatest audience possible – but the artists should take the focus. A strong figure head is important but it’s also important that the artists have their own identity so they don’t just fall into someone else’s shadow.”

Another BnB interview, this time talking all things Bullet Train with head honcho Marco del Horno. Bad man bass vibes at the ready.

BnB Interview: Yousef

“He has a boundless enthusiasm for people and music. He genuinely cares about the party and wants everyone to have a good time. If the party does not rock he would take it very personally, which is why you will never see a Carl Cox gig not rock. He won’t have it!”

Big Yousef Interview with Beatsandbeyond discussing all kinds of shizzel from Circus to Uber, WHP and even Carl Cox turning fifty.

BnB Interview: Tim Mason

“Great question. I’d shoot the hostage every time.”

Size Records’ starlet Tim Mason sat down with em for some chat around his burgeoning DJ career, and offered one of the better responses to the ‘dream situation’ question I’ve been trying to set apart as a trademark of my interviews. Hit the quote as usual.

BnB Interview: Pete Gooding

“If I look back at my biggest influences it started with Sasha, which at the time covered my love of main room music then Jose Padilla inspired my love of alternative sounds. If music makes me feel something I love it regardless of genre.”

The latest jock to speak to me for BnB is Pete Gooding who waxed lyrical about his love for all forms of music. As ever; hit the quote.

Bare Noize Interview on Beatsandbeyond

“The lineups mental so expect to get injured in the face.”

Interview I did with intense dubstep duo Bare Noize on beatsandbeyond. Some gnarly as uff soundcloud links in there too. Enjoy.

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Jimmy Coultas and I’ve been working within dance music as a promoter, DJ, journalist and PR officer for seven years. I’m currently building a site to encase all my activity still available on the internet in the past and everything I do from now in, be them DJ mixes, gig photos, written articles and much more.

Whilst this is getting created I’ve started off a quick blog just to get down a few things that I’m currently feeling and start linking to the written work I do for the likes of Data Transmission and Beatsandbeyond. The site will have an overall directory to everything I’ve done in the past as well, particularly the features on my old eZine and blog Plastic Soup. This is pretty basic but it will at least be an outlet for all I’m up too whilst I’m waiting for the site to get created.

You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter, as well as see more about me as a DJ here and the company I now work for, Sentric Digital. Feel free to make any comments along the way, and if you want me to submit something get in touch via the contact page.

Thanks for reading.

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