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Darren’s Alterantive New Year Message

Darren drops another slab of left-thinking wisdom in time for you t embrace other theories of thought in 2013. Read below…

Since April 2012, I’ve been going to places other less experienced operatives would find either highly difficult or even impossible, and after each mission I am thanked by my Commander-in-Chief General Jimmy yet told that my tendency for detail whilst impressive can at times mean a decrease in efficiency.

I guess it’s all about being to the point but with still maintaining to keep it 100

So, with it being the start of a new year what do I present… The gift of enlightenment.

Make of the following what YOU will but I estimate after viewing this specific section you might understand how a Fighter Jet Pilot feels AFTER clicking that red Ejector-Seat button:

Time for YOU to Eject, please click?.

Well what about that then, normally I’d go into detail but the verbal along with non-verbal communication is highly intriguing stuff even to the unaware.

My New Year Message is rather simple…
Enjoy, now cause this just might become the new National Anthem come 2013..!!

#GJH25 – Darren’s Alternative Hip-Hop Top Ten

To counter the indulgence currently being wacked out by my drawn out saga of releasing my top 25, I asked a few others to contribute their top ten. Darren flips the script not only in his choices, but also in our usual blogging techniques by offering a great selection brilliantly streamlined in comment.

10. 6 Feet Deep – Gravediggaz.
Perhaps the most surreal concept album ever conceived in Hip-Hop, but also one also producing some of it’s most highly creative beats.

9. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West.
Is he a member of The Illuminati? Why is the Album Art bizarre? Elton John’s on the record..!! Despite all these interesting questions, it will be remembered as one of the greatest artistic works in Hip-Hop history.

Kanye West POWER by Marco Brambilla (Director’s Cut) from ARTJAIL on Vimeo.

8. Illmatic – Nas.
Nas’ first ever long player has, due to the total brilliance, become something of a curse for his career as with each proceeding album leaves aficionados disappointed. Sort of how Wayne Rooney has never topped his début for Manchester United.

7. Midnight Marauders – A Tribe Called Quest.
Deliberately recorded from Midnight till 6am, the result was a unique sounding album that captures the collective at their zenith. Wide awake when the majority of their counterparts where sleeping.

6. When Disaster Strikes… – Busta Rhymes.
This album can only be described as perfect Saturday Night Warm-Up Music, ready for before the adventures begin. It’s just fun; something that’s sadly in very short supply within the genre & the lifestyle.

5. Doggystyle – Snoop Doggy Dogg.
Long before the Adidas contract & numerous other endorsements that he now promotes turned him into a brand, Snoop Doggy Dogg was a youngster with the aim of being the No. 1 on the Mic. When this came out he most definitely was.

4. Cypress Hill – Cypress Hill.
This entire album was in-fact intended to be the demo version, yet it was decided that it’s rough gritty sound perfectly suited the lyrics. At times, the imperfections are better.

– –

3. Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) – Wu-Tang Clan.
It simply should work having that many members then including tooo many samples from badly dubbed 1970’s English Kung-Fu Films.
An Aggressive but also silly combination, yet one executed perfectly.

2. Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde – The Pharcyde.
A group of four very young 20yr old stoners from Southern California that have concerns about women, marriage & weed make a masterpiece without realizing. It doesn’t matter it you’re from Los Angeles or Leeds, you’ll instantly connect with this album as it’s about the Human Experience.

1. The Score – The Fugees.
Inspired by the later work on Bob Marley, it impressed both the ghettos & the suburbs across the globe.
According to urban-myth, for some reason the album directed connected with the Chinese Population making it currently the most bootlegged album in history.

Agree or Disagree with my selections? Send me a Tweet at @DazAltTheory using hashtag #GJHH25

First Sentric Sessions w/ Cosmic Boogie

Above is the recording of the stream of the first ever Sentric Sessions with Cosmic Boogie. We’re doing the next one with Andy Ash in a week’s time; I will blog with more details closer to the time. Until then enjoy a video of two of Liveprool’s most rotund music lovers with weird heads and even weirder voices.

Check the mix CB dropped for us below too…

Cosmic Boogie – The Sentric Sessions Mix by Cosmic Boogie

High on Hope: The Ravers’ Story

“I am getting bored of seeing a big name dj (usually filmed in a night club or recording studio) telling us ‘yeah it was mental, the crowd were going wild then the old bill came in and stopped the party’. That just isn’t interesting for me anymore.”

Earlier you will have seen the post I did about the search for funding for the acid house documentary High on Hope, and I was lucky enough to speak to director Piers Sanderson in an interview with Data Transmission recently. Hit the quote for the full piece.

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Jimmy Coultas and I’ve been working within dance music as a promoter, DJ, journalist and PR officer for seven years. I’m currently building a site to encase all my activity still available on the internet in the past and everything I do from now in, be them DJ mixes, gig photos, written articles and much more.

Whilst this is getting created I’ve started off a quick blog just to get down a few things that I’m currently feeling and start linking to the written work I do for the likes of Data Transmission and Beatsandbeyond. The site will have an overall directory to everything I’ve done in the past as well, particularly the features on my old eZine and blog Plastic Soup. This is pretty basic but it will at least be an outlet for all I’m up too whilst I’m waiting for the site to get created.

You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter, as well as see more about me as a DJ here and the company I now work for, Sentric Digital. Feel free to make any comments along the way, and if you want me to submit something get in touch via the contact page.

Thanks for reading.

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