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Kydus, Midland + more reviewed on DMC



I’ve had a glut of reviews published over on DMC, a bit later than when I originally wrote them due to some email issues. Click on the links below for them





MFS: Observatory ‘YY EP’

Most of this EP isn’t really  something for me TBH, well produced rolling techno which will probably sound great in a club but isn’t my bag, but the final cut ‘Y3’ I’m definitely down with. It’s got a decent solid groove on it with a kick that gets a right stomp going on. It’s full of tinkling effects, a fairly illegible vocal and is proper heads down tackle for those serious moments in the disco. Check it for yourself above.

The EP is out now on Butane’s Alphahouse imprint (he also contributes a remix). Head here for more info.

New reviews on DMC


Here’s a round up of some of the reviews I’ve done on DMC in the past few weeks

Maurice Aymard & Sasse Backwards EP

Dave Seaman – ‘Justified Replacement of Lulu’ – (Remixes)

A Tribute to Klang Club (Unclear records)

The above is a quick snippet of an EP released on Unclear Records on the 22nd October as a tribute to Klang nightclub, a Tuscan rave spot that purports to have a bit of a history during the five years it was open from 2008-13. The tracks are all form people who’ve played their before, with Baby Ford offering a breathy sparse groove in ‘Satellite Stroll (Edge Of The Night Mix)’ and a typically mechanical clunker from Roman Flugel called ‘Candy Crack’.

For me though the jack on Okain’s ‘Living proof’ is absolute gold, gorgeous swinging house around the 120bpm mark with classic claps and percussion, and then some beautifully chimy stabs and even a little bit of sax. Proper taps aff tackle for Croatia and beefa, and the kind of record that you hear mid afternoon in Panoramabar on a Sunday. Boss, in other words.

Find out more about Unclear via their FB page.

Rucks forthcoming on SoSure Music

Got sent the promo to the next EP on SoSure Music from Rucks recently, and it’s lovely emotive deep house. You can see a preview of it up above, with a voiceover that if I’m being honest, does grate a little. Don’t let that put you off when the EP drops in November though, because if you like New Jersey garage influenced house it’ll be right up your street.

To keep you ticking over you can grab the equally lovely ‘Hard 2 Find’ via liking the label’s Facebook page, which you can hear playing out below.

Prompt – Senja

Nice slab of atmospheric deep house from Prompt here in the shape of ‘Senja’, which has some stirring chords, infectious percussion and an ever evolving soundscape. There’s only a dub and instrumental offered in the package, which with the original shorn of vocals mean there’s little variation between the three tracks, but in the digital age that isn’t the end of the road. Well worth your attention nevertheless.

Out on 7Noise 3rd July.

Liverpool Lift off Film festival 2012

Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival – Trailer from London Lift-Off Film Festival on Vimeo.

Although marked in comparison to other cities, the emergence of FACT a decade ago has helped aid a developing independent film demand in Liverpool and this year, just after the cinema celebrates a decade of activity, a festival is happening to cultivate that even more. The Lift-Off festival will be running a variety of cinema themed events in FACT, the Kazimer, House and also METAL in Edge Hill.

The selection of offerings features films from Israel, the States, Spain and France, as well as home soil, with a mixture of lengthy and shortened projects in. Unless you’re a modern day Barry Norman in training chances are you’ll have heard of little if any of the selections on offer, but the charm with these things is venturing into the unknown.

Head on down to their Facebook page for more info.

Waze & Odyssey ‘Be Right There’ – Review on Pulse

Waze & Odyssey Press Shot

“Further weight to the case W&O have already been making via their work on Throne of Blood and Southern fried – two purveyors of classy house that know their way round a dancefloor.”

Waze & Odyssey have delivered once again, as has Kerri Chandler’s MadTech records and Citizen on the remix tip. Hit the quote.

Severino Interview on Horsemeat Disco

“I think it is the combination of the crowd, the vibe and the idea of being able to keep everything and everyone happy. I don’t mind sometimes playing “that” cheesy record at the end of the day we are having fun so what’s the problem? That balance is always needed”

I chewed the fat with Horsemeat Disco’s Severino about his new compilation for Classic Records, disco, gays and a few other things that rank highly on my favourite things list. Hit the quote

Tiga brings up a Ton for Crosstown Rebels

Canadian badman Tiga returns to Crosstown Rebels for their hundredth release in September. Whilst the label is the home of uber cool house these days, if you went back to it’s beginning it was famous for making the music that emerged from the Electroclash genre, not least their first compilation, which feature the stunning ‘Mandate my Ass’ by Le Dust Sucker.

By the time this one came around it was clear label boss Damian Lazarus was pursuing a new musical mandate, and has since managed to stay ahead of the curve. But this release harks back to that original time as well as staying up to date, re-releasing Tiga’s gnarly masterpiece ‘Pleasure from the Bass’ (with a Subb-An remix to bring it up to date to the current Crosstown template) alongside a brand new track. You can catch the Candaian love god playing Sankeys on Friday 17th August as well for a Turbo Recordings showcase.

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