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RAF Daddy Mix for Fabric/Roska

As one half of 2 Bears with Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, RAF Daddy has caught the attention of many in recent times but those in the know will point to his standing as a DJ on the London house/garage scenes of the past few years, not to mention his input on Toddla T’s career. He was part of the line-up for last Friday’s Fabric event curated by hybrid badman Roska, and ahead of the show they got him to fire through this mix, which isn’t particularly long but is good and does kick off with Whitney Houston’s ‘Love Will Save the Day’. Short interview at the original link as well.

Disclosure – “Control” (Official Video)

The obscenely young badmen of Uk house music Disclosure have a video for the sumptuous Control now out. Get on this infectious slab of summer to blow away the dreary rain. At least for four minutes anyway.

Eats Everything – Jagged Edge (Official Video)

Heavy, heavy tune. Video is indulging the Bristol producer’s food issues, sadly not an ode to awful 90s rnb as the track title may suggest.

Justin Martin – Ghettos & Gardens

“Back in 2002 Metro Area managed to pull together a collection of songs which built on the manifesto set out by Daft Punk’s Homework, showcasing that jack’s groove could translate to a full LP. A decade later, Justin Martin has reminded us all that the template is achievable.”

I hope, I really hope, that this album gets better with age. Because this could very well be the masterpeice house music has needed but only six months will truly tell the tale. Get on it now though.

Bo Saris – She’s on Fire (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

Can MJC do any wrong? Gorgeous strung out deep house with a lovely vocal; it’s been compared to Motown singers but I think it’s closer to some of the more jazz based singers ten to twenty years sooner (although the comparison rings a lot truer on the original, which is also an absolute killer from Bo Saris). But what do I know? Anyway the track is brilliant, this is exactly the kind of shit you want to be grooving to on a lost afternoon or monring somewhere where the sun is caking your skin and you really should of dissapeared to bed a long time ago.

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