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Omar’s Spotify coming

Michael K Williams let slip in an interview with Vulture Mag he creates playlists as a means of getting in the zone character wise, and that he listened constantly crafted for the role of Omar during The Wire.

On the playlist is some 2Pac (including the classic ‘So Many tears’), no surprise considering the hypocritical nature of both Shakur and Omar’s sensitive thug attitude. Eslewhere there is Biggie, Jigga, Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige and oodles more. Best part though is the revealtion he let slip that 90% of the time a playlist will include a Nas song – no wonder his portrayals are so vivid.

Follow this link for the playlist.

Darren steps to Young Money

Young Money might very soon become NO Money.

As Summer turns in Autumn or as they say in America ‘The Fall‘, it seems the latter might occur to the Young Money Empire that’s headlined by the following…


It started with Drake deciding that it would be perfectly fine to produce & include himself in various out-takes along with unfinished tracks that he purchased by the deceased R&B Legend – Aaliyah.

This lead to a Public Statement from the Family of Aaliyah distancing themselves from this posthumous album in some manner due to Drake not asking for their blessing:

Rolling Stone – ‘Aaliyah’s Family Not Involved With New Drake-Led Album Project’.

Über Hip-Hop Record Producer & Genius Timberland along with Missy Elliott as well-known friends with Aaliyah instantly made it known that they wanted nothing to do with Drake’s project.

As murmuring of unhappiness where being directed towards Canada’s best Rapper his Label Colleague & Boss made perhaps one of the biggest Own-Goals in Hip-Hop History…

This dis from the same Lil Wayne that made the colab with Jay-Z ironically called…
‘Hello Brooklyn 2.0’.

To distance yourself from the major entertainment market & Media Hub that’s New York City would cause a reaction yet it even became Political…

It must be noted that when big-time Rappers have spoken negativity towards major American Cities the results have been lethal & tragic..!!

Then the final part of this comedy of errors came from the most Plastic & even being more *surreal than anybody on the Young Money stable – Nicki Minaj.

In, this American Election Year that sees it’s 1st African-American President looking for a 2nd Term guess what she ‘spits’ (appropriate word) on wax. Please be warned, you’ll have to rewind this to believe she actually thought this was cool…

For an African-American Celebrity especially in Popular Music to declare opposition towards President Obama in support for his rival to The White House – Mitt Romney is on-par with thinking it’s clever to wear a Man Utd Home Shirt in the Liverpool end of a Football (Soccer) Stadium.

It will be interesting to see if any maturity along with business skills return at Young Money due to their Summer of total madness that might possibly become a very harsh winter, never to possibly recover?

Ohhh… this is why I used the Asterisk (*) in the above article was in relation to this…

Lil Wayne ponders on his influence within Culture & History compared to a certain Steve Jobs – Founder of Apple..!!

RIP Chris Lighty

One of the most influential men in hip-hop took his own life yesterday, Chris Lighty. As the man behind Violator entertainment, he helped make 50 Cent the mega-star he is today and also had a pivotal role in the work of LL Cool J, Jay-Z, De la Soul, Warren G and plenty more. This rather brilliant article on Complex sums up his industry shaking manoeuvres, including going head to head with Suge Knight.

Rick Ross feat. Dr. Dre and JAY Z – 3 Kings (MMG Visual Piece)

Last week I showed you the track, now Rick Ross’ new single has a hot new video. Complex Mag also did a great piece on why the fat fuck is ridiculously stylish. Can’t argue on that front.

Download: Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Odd Future Talisman and Jay-Z and Kanye West collaborator Frank Ocean has thrown out a free download. ‘Pyramids’ locks in at just under ten minutes, and is definitely on the epic tip. It changes direction a good three or four times during the beat, features some guitar licks, scatter-shot drums and some stadium shaking synths and pulsating electronics that give it a thoroughly ambiguous feel. It does go on a bit like (hence him giving it away) but nevertheless it is a great track, imagine Diplo and Usher ditched the falsetto and dragged ‘Climax’ out a bit longer and your kind of there. And it’s free mutherfuckers!

Paid in Full – Rocafella funded film

Paid in Full was a movie from 2002 that looked at the crack epidemic in the mid 80s from a dealers point of view, funded by Rocafella records which, so the legend goes, were funded by similar japes during their inception (claims which have recived a little more coverage recently with this news about co founder Kareem Biggs).

Although the acting credits are bolstered by 8 Mile’s Mekhi Phifer and Wood Harris (better known as the improbably lithe drug kingpin Avon Barksdlae in the Wire and going further back as Motaw, the sidekick of Tupac Shakur’s Birdie in Above the Rim – pictured), they also feature a pretty solid performance from at the time Rocafella recording artist Camron. Considering his rap career consists of one decent song with the Magnum theme tune and somehow managing to make Ma$e look good in a supergroup this decent enough and watchable film is probably something he has a lot to be proud of. Oh and digging the colour purple.

I’ve been getting back into hip-hop themed films again a lot recently (Belly, Menace II Society et al) and for fans of the genre this is certainly appreciative. And Harris is genuinely one of the best people around to play intelligent drug dealers from the ghetto; his gangly swagger just as evident on this as in the Wire.

Say Hello Vs. Because (Jay-Z Vs. The Beatles) – The Melker Project

Yep the grey album did it before. But come on, how many people sampled James Brown, or even funky drummer? This breeds new life into the Beatles/Jay-Z canon and would surely piss off Noel Gallagher if he wasn’t so well made up after Sergio Augero delivered greatness on Sunday.

Azealia Banks causes more ruckus

“It’ll be a real shame if someone who originally seemed so refreshing ends up stale, and simply the latest in a long line of female rappers more interested in fighting than making decent music”

Interesting article on Fact discussing the boredom of Azealia Banks‘ latest ‘feud’ in hip-hop. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a cracking bit of beef in hip-hop, but it’s not as much fun when the trash talking is on twitter instead of wax. Imagine if Jay-Z had to condense this into 140 characters? And Canibus was keeping it low with just two iller than ill verses on ‘Second Round KO‘ – this is the way to be short and sweet.

But, we all know what the greatest record ever was, taking down a whole borough. Now imagine if she came back with something like this…

Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def adds a video to Jay & Kanye diss

Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) delivers a pretty hefty diss to BOTH Jay-Z & Kanye West which goes a lot further than the usual ‘I fucked your Bitch‘ or ‘Suck my Dick‘ refrains that have been the epitome of hip-hop anger and ire in the past. The track leaked a few weeks ago but there’s now a video genuinely sticking the finger; Yasiin has certainly laid his cards out here.

Be an interesting seeing how this one develops. Original video below

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