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Font 2012-13 Playlist

Last month I mentioned I was compiling a playlist for the Font and here is the final edit. There’s 150 tracks of pure aural goodness on the go, the thinking the same as last year in that it’s designed with a student friendly bar in mind. There’s a definite influence from Breaking Bad prevalent – as I’ve been a late comer to the series and completely engrossed by the music involved. Alongside that there’s everything from bass heavy hip-hop from Tyga and The Pack over to music raided from some of my favourite albums of the year so far – Jessie Ware, Frank Ocean, Justin Martin and Nas.

It’s also a bit more ‘current’ – the last one was much closer to the classic records that had been part of my DJ sets over the years whereas this is definitely more of a home listening experience with some slabs of bass music form Bondax, Disclosure and Last Japan all freshening up the student indie disco vibe, and things get a bit noisy towards the end as well. It’s tailored to fit a full day in the bar, so it’s a bit weighty to get stuck into but go for it anyway. Or just rock up to the gaffe and experience it in the environ with a pint of Liverpool Organic for yourself.

Bondax – “Baby I Got That” (Official Video)

Justin Martin’s killer remix dropped last week on the free tip and now the video for this Bondax single is out. Instead of featuring the barely pubescent producers it goes for the James Bond opening sequence style visual, loads of attractive women viewed through the prism of water. It’s not particularly entertaining and sure to anger feminists, but it is a good tune.

Baby I Got That (Justin Martin Endless Summer Remix)

There’s something of a sea change in the landscape of the UK. Those pesky buggers One Direction have made cougar culture rampant as teenage boys get the kind of female prospects people of my generation only found in discarded stuck-together rags in bushes, and dance music is certainly not immune either. Disclosure, the ridiculously young sibling duo, have managed to seduce the dancefloor without even thinking of using a Gillette Mach 3, and another sibling duo Bondax are similarly feted.

The Lancastrian teenagers have been making blissed out bass music instead of reaching for the white lightening, but here they benefit from an older hand (no, not another cougar) as Justin Martin continues his trajectory as one of the most evocative house producers of 2012. Free download as well, which means everyone celebrating their GCSE results can save more money for sweets, textbooks, M-kat or whatever else it is they spend it on.

Justin Martin – Ghettos & Gardens

“Back in 2002 Metro Area managed to pull together a collection of songs which built on the manifesto set out by Daft Punk’s Homework, showcasing that jack’s groove could translate to a full LP. A decade later, Justin Martin has reminded us all that the template is achievable.”

I hope, I really hope, that this album gets better with age. Because this could very well be the masterpeice house music has needed but only six months will truly tell the tale. Get on it now though.

Justin Martin Interview on Dirtybird

“I love this city… there is such a fun group of goofballs that I hang with when I go there. It’s very exciting to be coming back!!!!”

Trawl through dance music and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone with a bad word to say about San Fran native Justin Martin, who I’ve just interviewed for Data Transmission. But what city is he talking about exactly here? Hit the quote to find out more…

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