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Hip-Hop samples

Nice little video pointing out some very obvious samples in hip-hop alongside some lesser known ones.

Azealia Banks causes more ruckus

“It’ll be a real shame if someone who originally seemed so refreshing ends up stale, and simply the latest in a long line of female rappers more interested in fighting than making decent music”

Interesting article on Fact discussing the boredom of Azealia Banks‘ latest ‘feud’ in hip-hop. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a cracking bit of beef in hip-hop, but it’s not as much fun when the trash talking is on twitter instead of wax. Imagine if Jay-Z had to condense this into 140 characters? And Canibus was keeping it low with just two iller than ill verses on ‘Second Round KO‘ – this is the way to be short and sweet.

But, we all know what the greatest record ever was, taking down a whole borough. Now imagine if she came back with something like this…

DJ Kofi 90’s Classics Hip Hop Mix

This does exactly what it says on the tin. Props to the thoroughly brilliant Mad Nice Marauders for hooking me up to this via their neck snap worthy blog, but this has it all. Das EFX, Biggie Smalls, Lost Boyz, Fugees, Black Moon, Pharcyde, KRS One, Craig Mack and then some, Kofi cutting in the bars over and over again. A brilliant slab of half hour funk from Kofi to put the leap in your step today (sorry).

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