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The Dance Tunnel departs

Clubs closing is a natural part of the dance music ecosystem. The cold truth is the scene actually needs it; re-invention and freshness are two things that prevent stagnation, and sometimes some of the most special places in time are best preserved as a memory rather than afforded the chance to go bad. Although it is definitely rather nice when you do get the chance to properly say goodbye, as I did when Nation in Liverpool ended.

That said, it’s pretty shit when gentrification and the authorities end something before its time. I’d never been to Dalston disco Dance Tunnel, but I’d heard much about it and it’s just the latest in a spate of closing in the capital that have seen similair spots like Plastic People shut down. A fellow dance journalist Manu Ekanayake wrote a particularly prescient piece about the need for London to get a nightlife mayor, and sooner or later you’ve got to hope that the powers that be recognise the huge role clubs have in keeping people safe and developing our cultural values.

Classic boss Luke Solomon shared a mix he did at the venue back in January earlier this year, with one of the men behind it Dan Beaumont and bass and house siren Hannah Holland with a few simple words, eight of them simply stating “this one will be remembered as being important”.  This is a man who knows a thing or two about clubs, and the trio’s four hour mix is a truly special ensemble of boot shaking house grooves.

Marc Ashken featuring SOS ‘Cat Walk’ – Official Music Video

Luke Solomon and Derrick carter’s Classic records have just put out a new video for the Marc Ashken and SOS track Cat Walk, which is as delightfully weird as the track itself. Dig in 🙂

Giano ‘This is House’ EP – review on Pulse

Ginao_This Is House EP

“Shock G’s dulcet tones insist that even though ‘we’re usually on a serious tip, tonight we’re gonna flip and trip’, the result is a beat so infectious you have to be either dead or deaf to not dance. Even being both of them probably won’t stop you.”

Derrick Carter approved jack on Classic that you know the boys at Uber will LOVE. Hit the quote for the full review, stream previews below and definitely buy it when it comes out on the 11th February.

25 Years of London House – Kenny Hawkes RIP

One of the legends of the House music scene died a year ago today, Kenny Hawkes. As well as running the peerless Space event in London alongside Classic recordings main man Luke Solomon, he was a supremem remixer du jour, including an amazing edit of Inner City’s ‘Big Fun’ that has always been a staple of any dance music sets I’ve played in the last eight years (it blew Creamfields away in 2010).

To help fund a memorial a t-shirt, featuring the above map of London’s House music history, is being planned. Here is the official word on the t-shirt…

Plans are afoot for a permanent memorial to the big man. To help fund that, the good folk at Faith and the Original Store will be producing a t-shirt in Kenny’s memory. It’s based on the London House map I did a few years back but which we have brought up to date and hopefully sorted out the omissions of the previous version. Details will follow in the next few weeks.

RIP Kenny x

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