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Nike / Air Wildwood LE (ACG) Trainers

It’s been one heck of a long summer, and apparently it’s set to continue this nice weather for a few more weeks – obviously great. Don’t front though, October is still round the corner and soon enough winter will be here and it’ll be fucking grim again. Proper grim.


In my infinite knowledge I’ve decided to plan ahead this year for my winter trainers and bed a pair in a little bit earlier than usual, and went for these badboys from Nike. Part of their rugged ACG range, I read a few things on blogs and whatnot which basically makes them capable of surviving a nuclear holocaust, a Daily Mail hate campaign and the sexual advances of Dave Lee Travis, so they should be great for my cheesy size 11 feet. Plus they look great, I don’t know how hot pink andolive green works but it does.

Bag a pair from Oi Polloi (where I nabbed the pics from).

ASOS’ Nike Air Max Facts

The world went crazy for Nike Air Max Day on Wednesday. At work we showed off on our Facebook (complete with a rather bizarre choice of pose form myself, ooops), and I used it as a shoddy excuse to look moody on Instagram. ASOS were a bit better than that though, by hosting the first shoppable Google+ hangout in partnership with Nike on the big day.

They reduced some prices (as did Size and Urban Industry) as part of a flash sale for some of the nattiest Air Max 1s, 90s, Air  Lights or whatever other variations of the finest trainer to adorn feet was looking fresh. And they also showcased five natty facts about the history of them too. You can see the ASOS post here.

And remember these trainers look boss on the other 364 days of year as well.

Nike Air Max Day


It’s got to be said, Nike Air Max are probably the nicest designed trainers of all time. Everything about them is just gorgeous, the ease with each the colour combos can be rocked via the trims, the eyelets, the iconic logo on the side and back, and of course the raised sole with the visible air unit. They’re basically fresher than Slick Rick in 88.

26th March 2014 is the date that marks the 27 year anniversary of when the first ever pair of Air Max 1s hit the high streets, and to commemorate that day in 1987 Nike have announced it’s Air Max day, with the promotional video getting you in the mood.

As you can see from this recently instagrammed picture, Air Max take pride and place on the epic shoe rack that adorns my flat, and come Wednesday I’ll be rocking mine. Do the same with your classic footwear.


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