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Space Dimension Controller, Uber, The Ransom Note… and that bloody fox!


The internet is weird. Proper, proper weird. But every now and again something happens that is such a whirlwind of oddity it goes beyond even the usual realms of skewered sanity. This story is just one of those examples. Genuinely, click on this link. It’s amazing.

What started as a bit of a pisstake comment from Irish electronica fiend Space Dimension Controller has since spiralled into epic proportions, resulting in the Russian obsession with a very bad example of taxidermy, and a weekend of electronic goodness first in Carlisle and then in London, the latter boasting Pete Gooding as well. Those who have been following the story, myself included, have been mesmerised by the sheer lunacy that keeps happening from it. It’s a relentless example of why the world wide weirdness is the best thing about the 21st Century. I’m sadly unable to see the Fox off at either show this weekend, but if you are there or thereabouts do it.

The oddest rave of all time.

Pete Gooding – The Global Network (28.09.12)

Pete Gooding’s latest ‘Global Network Show’ is out, featuring the likes of Robot 84, Matthew Dear, Rocha, Roisin Murphy and a brand new edit of Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Pete Gooding – The Global Network (10.08.12)

Globe-trotting superstar Pete Gooding’s Global Network Radio show is out, featuring Nneka, Pete Gooding & Tyrell D, Technasia, Laidback, Andy Cato and Mads Bjorn, as well as a mix from Climbers of Culprit Records. Below is his recent Cafe Mambo mix as well which is still getting some serious rotation round these here parts.

BnB Interview: Pete Gooding

“If I look back at my biggest influences it started with Sasha, which at the time covered my love of main room music then Jose Padilla inspired my love of alternative sounds. If music makes me feel something I love it regardless of genre.”

The latest jock to speak to me for BnB is Pete Gooding who waxed lyrical about his love for all forms of music. As ever; hit the quote.

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