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DJ Love: Laurent Garnier (article on Skiddle)


I’ve loved Laurent Garnier as a DJ for most of my adult life, experiencing a life changing set of his a few weeks after my 20th birthday in Jan 2002. The 18 months prior to it I’d been absorbing clubbing to the intense levels anyone does when they’re faced with an abundance of temptation they’ve never had, and after a hectic NYE I’d vowed abstinence from a certain raving fuel. The Cream reopening, with Pete Tong and prog house tyrant of the time Lucien Foort playing the courtyard, was the first test of an ardent hedonist who devoured a plethora of trance and hard dance.

Lucien and Pete were average that night, but it was the man int he Annexe who had only pricked up a small amount of curiosity prior that blew me away. I didn’t even drink, sucked up by the vortex of his otherworldly brilliance. It proved to me I didn’t need to be peeling my face off the wall to enjoy partying, and that this dance music thing had longevity beyond my weekend escapism.

Anyway, suffice to say the abstinence lasted barely a few months but the musical shift had throughly started. It’s the starting point for an article I’ve wrote on Skiddle called DJ Love: Laurent Garnier which highlights a few of my experiences with my favourite DJ of all time over the years. I’ve not referenced the actual review, what with it coming from a competitor of ours at Skiddle in Pulse, but the night he played all night at the WHP looms large. It’s also the last time I saw Garnier, a near four year absence which I’m frantically trying to put right now.

Gone Clubbin’ #1: October – on BnB now

“You simply cannot pick a bigger or more influential event to hit clubland in Liverpool than the original superclub, the place where I and thousands of others fell in love with dance music.”

I’ve started a brand new column on where I pick the best clubbing picks, in my eyes, each month in Liveprool. I did do this originally on here back in January but this will now be a monthly thing over on BnB – I’ve even got my own Editors profile and everything.

DISCOTECA POCA… Presents an evening with DUSKY

“Dusky have tapped into something, a universal – an essence that excites DJs and clubbers across the dance divide. Lee Foss included their track ‘Tyto Alba’ on his recent RA podcast; Jamie Jones dropped it at DC10 closing in Ibiza; Paul Woolford and Sasha are rinsing their tracks; bass bods T.Williams, Loefah and Boddika are pushing ‘em; and let’s not forget plays from the Radio 1 bigwigs, like Pete Tong, Toddla T, Rob Da Bank, hell, even Zane Lowe.” – DJ Magazine

Due to Djing near enough every weekend horribly unsociable hours, I don’t go out much in Liverpool. One gaffe I make an exception for is Discoteca Poca. I’ve reviewed their greatness before and there’s always fun to be had when they turn the hold in the Shipping Forecast into a great little rave den. Following on hot on the heels of Dyed Soundorom’s cracker last month, they’ve got Dusky on board this time, the duo that have ditched prog to great effect with some groove heavy assaults. I’ll ‘sadly’ be running wild on Las Ramblas for the Off Sonar festivities, but if you are in Liverpool you know what to do.

Full details can be found here. Peep Dusky’s killer mix for Clash as well.

Skream & Benga’s show

Benga and Skream in Big Apple records Croydon, circa 2001 - photo by John Kennedy

When Gilles Peterson left BBC Radio One there was outcry. Quite why when his music was on at ridiculous times of the morning and definitely not for the youth (the whole premise of the station) was beyond me, particularly as this meant he would get a longer show in the daytime on 6Music. Although that tempered the sometimes colourful language of his show it made things better, and the results have been tremendous so far.

Also the most high profile arrivals on radio one have been similarly an inspired move. Even if you aren’t a fan of bass music in it’s myriad of forms the undoubted star quality of Skream & Benga has made for great radio, their patter between tunes thoroughly reflective of two young men whose musical ruminations have been slowly conquering the globe since they were teenagers. Dubbed as ‘Beats, Bass and Banter’ it’s classic dance music programming in the rich heritage of the BBC’s twenty plus years of pushing it, including Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Danny Rampling and even early Judge Jules.

Some of the sounds are a bit intense at times, especially for those of us the wrong side of 30, but everything from the Garage MC harkbacks to the show jacking (Tim Westwood received a hilarious rip of his RnB histrionics one week) makes for wonderful viewing. And the whole thing works like a DJ set as well, the sounds getting more and more speaker shredding as the evening goes on. If anything, this should really be a primetime slot on Saturday evening for the station.

The show starts at 11pm tonight, more details hit here.

Daft Punk Essential Mix from 1997

Guy and Tom, as I’m sure no-one actually ever calls them these days, dropped an absolute bomb of an Essential Mix back in 1997. It’s raw (some of the mixing is beautifully lo-fi) house music, jacking grooves and filtered disco touches, and the main reason why they absolutely blew everyone away at the time. I was only 15 years old when this aired, but I can remember my younger brother absolutely rinsing this mix but it’s only now I can fully appreciate it’s glory.

Props to Ben Gomori as well for giving me the heads up.


Pete Tong and James Zabiela doing a guideline video about how to DJ. Not Woody esque IMO

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