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Space Dimension Controller, Uber, The Ransom Note… and that bloody fox!


The internet is weird. Proper, proper weird. But every now and again something happens that is such a whirlwind of oddity it goes beyond even the usual realms of skewered sanity. This story is just one of those examples. Genuinely, click on this link. It’s amazing.

What started as a bit of a pisstake comment from Irish electronica fiend Space Dimension Controller has since spiralled into epic proportions, resulting in the Russian obsession with a very bad example of taxidermy, and a weekend of electronic goodness first in Carlisle and then in London, the latter boasting Pete Gooding as well. Those who have been following the story, myself included, have been mesmerised by the sheer lunacy that keeps happening from it. It’s a relentless example of why the world wide weirdness is the best thing about the 21st Century. I’m sadly unable to see the Fox off at either show this weekend, but if you are there or thereabouts do it.

The oddest rave of all time.

Greg Wilson Mix on Ransom Note

Bedrock reverse Low Res

It’s getting closer and closer to the Bedrock Warehouse party in Camp and Furnace on February 9th, and in preparation those lovely folk down at the Ransom Note have got an exclusive Greg Wilson mix, recorded when he played for Voodoo in Liverpool on Boxing Day. They’re also running a comp for tickets; head here for details how to win them. Failing that, head here if you don’t fancy your chances and want to snaffle one up asap. Stream the mix below.

Greg Wilson – Live @ Voodoo Nouveau 26.12.12 – R$N Exclusive by Theransomnote on Mixcloud

Bicep prep Hot Jamz 2

The first instalment of Bicep’s Hot Jamz back in September 2011 is one of the best mixes I’ve ever heard, period. Frothing disco jams, cranky electro funk and proper jig tastic brilliance, I’ve blogged about it on these pages twice. Done in conjunction with We Love… Space on the Ransom Note, it was an afterparty staple for ages, one of those mixes you lash on when you’ve stupidly stayed up too late with one or two miscreants.

They dropped part 2 as part of their recent Rinse FM takeover and the results are below. Time will tell if it is as essential as the last one, but on first listen it’s lifted me out of my early week blues with deft ease. Big up Bicep!

Last Japan Mix on Ransom Note

Read the full article here, but Bullet Train spacey garage maestro Last Japan has delivered a stunning mix for Ransom Note. Great weekend vibes


I gave up on vinyl a long time ago. Every now and again though, a record comes out that makes me want to start buying it again. This is one of those tracks, an unashamed homage to sweaty 90s garage (the swinging New Jersey sound rather than the London ruffneck riddim) by those bastions of brilliance Bicep.

If you don’t know who these fine purveyors of dance music’s historically fantastic moments (late Seventies Disco, early Acid House, 80s Boogie Funk etc) then you need to get on their blog. The above image is a tribute to the iconography they use on their blog, directly brought to you from my own personal wank-tank. But for when they are really at their finest, dig this amazing mix they did last year for We Love… Space and the Ransom Note. Amazing stuff.

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