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Darius Syrossian Interview on BnB

“A lot of people don’t know anything about Iran, they think it is like Iraq or Afghanistan. It is not. It is one of the richest countries in the world, and 60% of the population is under 30, and they are one of the most educated countries not only in the Middle East but the World and I’m talking about university educated. There is a big misconception about Iran, Iran is not just a Muslim country, in Iran there are Iranian Jews, Iranian Christians, Orthodox Armenians as well, and everyone lives happily side by side.”

Detailed interview from a great producer; his insight into Iran was particularly interesting. Hit the quote.

Vote for Joshua Brooks

Manchester’s snug as a bug small venue Joshua Brooks is up for an award in DJMag’s Best of British poll, an award ceremony that doesn’t tend to get treated with the ludicrous disdain and anger thrown towards it’s sister top 100 poll, which is after all a popularity contest. This is exactly the same, but seeing as it’s voted for mainly by people who share the same values, if not tastes, as the angry pitchfork wielding hordes that get very embattled every Autumn, people don’t get quite as narky. Which is nice; no-one likes being lairy!

Anyway, there’s all sorts of people up for awards including previous incumbents of nice words on these pages Andrew Weatherall, Sankeys, Bicep and Erol Alkan, but I’d definitely implore you to vote for Joshua brooks because it really is great. That’s all I’m going to say. Follow this link to the Facebook app for voting.

Tiga brings up a Ton for Crosstown Rebels

Canadian badman Tiga returns to Crosstown Rebels for their hundredth release in September. Whilst the label is the home of uber cool house these days, if you went back to it’s beginning it was famous for making the music that emerged from the Electroclash genre, not least their first compilation, which feature the stunning ‘Mandate my Ass’ by Le Dust Sucker.

By the time this one came around it was clear label boss Damian Lazarus was pursuing a new musical mandate, and has since managed to stay ahead of the curve. But this release harks back to that original time as well as staying up to date, re-releasing Tiga’s gnarly masterpiece ‘Pleasure from the Bass’ (with a Subb-An remix to bring it up to date to the current Crosstown template) alongside a brand new track. You can catch the Candaian love god playing Sankeys on Friday 17th August as well for a Turbo Recordings showcase.

Adriatique rock Sankeys

Swiss duo Adriatque have been causing a stir on Solomun’s Hamburg based imprint Diynamic for a hot minute now, and are all set to headline Sankeys in a couple of weeks on Saturday 21st July. This recent mix indicates what to expect, gorgeous deep hosue and the consistent presence of thoise lush, chming chords which give dance music it’s infectious summery vibe. If you’re in the area go down to Ancoats, full details here.

Garlands Ibiza

After a fair crack of the whip at San An Liverpool party-starters Garlands are heading over to Playa d’en bossa this summer. They used to party in Space at the start of the last decade, but have since had a very long and successful stint at Eden in San An. This time hover they’re taking full control over what they do, promising ‘a full blown ‘Garlands Spectacular’ with the club’s patented brand of DJs and entertainers recreating the infamous and madness that has defined both Garlands and Bedlam.’

Sounds pretty good, and the boat party business is still ongoing too. Head on over to their site for more details.


The Thin White Duke is back.

After a series of Djing gigs last year, notably at Fabric, Chibuku and the Warehouse Project, he man known to his mother as Stuart Price returns from a lengthy hiatus production wise with this stomer ‘Church’. It liberally borrows from the Justice template of crushing 80s influenced electro (the link is even more pertinent by this video, which simply turns his Jacques lu Cont moniker into a cross), but considering JLC pretty much invented the sound in this guise we can forgive him. And it has that sumptuous trademark bass which defined the Price production template underpinning it all, and a series of euphoric choir esque vocals. This is stadium dance music.

Jacques lu Cont was something of a hero for me at that point where I just started Djing, dragging dance music out of it’s dull age of twelve minute progressive house records by playing Steve Miller Band’s ‘Abracadabra‘ and Depeche Mode’s ‘I just can’t get enough‘ in between a ferocious mix of house, electro and lost and forgotten eighties dance classics. And then there was that Fabriclive mix; no-one had even contemplated dropping Strauss on a mix cd before and it still stands as one of the most revolutionary compilations of it’s time. Seriously, if you haven’t copped that you are missing out on a piece of EDM history.

In a series of dates in Liverpool he defined a certain period of time clubbing in the city, not least in his run of Chibuku shows when the club was just exploding out of his Lemon Lounge infancy. The best of the lot though was in February 2003 at Bugged Out, where him and Erol Alkan (also just at a point where he was tearing up the rulebook of rave), which I still reckon rankles as the best night clubbing I have ever had. He returns to Bugged Out! at Sankeys on February 17th, and plays his own headlined show Reload a day after in London’s XOYO.

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