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R20: Renaissance 20th Anniversary Part 1 – Sasha

“Renaissance pioneered a new form of clubbing alongside a brand new sound. Utilising stately homes and adding a regal zest to partying, they proved that clubbing need not be an experience in a dingy environment. And they did so by pushing an exciting new genre, a combination of the epic and ethereal trance and techno coming from mainland Europe with the rolling house grooves from over the Atlantic; Progressive House.”

In my day job I get to write press releases. From now on in I’ll start linking to some of them through the blog; and the first involves legendary DJ Sasha returning to Midlands based clubbing powerhouse Renaissance as they enter their twentieth year. Click on the quote.

First Sentric Sessions w/ Cosmic Boogie

Above is the recording of the stream of the first ever Sentric Sessions with Cosmic Boogie. We’re doing the next one with Andy Ash in a week’s time; I will blog with more details closer to the time. Until then enjoy a video of two of Liveprool’s most rotund music lovers with weird heads and even weirder voices.

Check the mix CB dropped for us below too…

Cosmic Boogie – The Sentric Sessions Mix by Cosmic Boogie

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Jimmy Coultas and I’ve been working within dance music as a promoter, DJ, journalist and PR officer for seven years. I’m currently building a site to encase all my activity still available on the internet in the past and everything I do from now in, be them DJ mixes, gig photos, written articles and much more.

Whilst this is getting created I’ve started off a quick blog just to get down a few things that I’m currently feeling and start linking to the written work I do for the likes of Data Transmission and Beatsandbeyond. The site will have an overall directory to everything I’ve done in the past as well, particularly the features on my old eZine and blog Plastic Soup. This is pretty basic but it will at least be an outlet for all I’m up too whilst I’m waiting for the site to get created.

You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter, as well as see more about me as a DJ here and the company I now work for, Sentric Digital. Feel free to make any comments along the way, and if you want me to submit something get in touch via the contact page.

Thanks for reading.

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