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Guy J Interview on Data Transmission & Circus London Fri 27th Oct

“Every place has its own style of music or its own way to react to music and that is what is so inspiring about all this. There are places I go and beforehand I’m working on music specifically for that place and those people – music that is inspired by my experiences, that I feel belongs to these places.”

I spoke to Guy J ahead of him dropping by the Egg in London this weekend for Circus for Data Transmission, clicking on the quote as ever takes you straight to the feature.

The event in question is the launch party for Yousef’s sophomore album ‘A Product of Your Environment’, with Yousef and Guy joined by Luca Bachetti, Jon Rundell and Lewis Boardman.

Yousef also recently released two videos, one which previously got a mention here and the other for ‘For the Terraces’ which takes in the sunk issed shores of Ibiza, a certainly different approach to the Liverpool focused approach on ‘Feel the Same thing’. Check that out below.

Garlands Ibiza

After a fair crack of the whip at San An Liverpool party-starters Garlands are heading over to Playa d’en bossa this summer. They used to party in Space at the start of the last decade, but have since had a very long and successful stint at Eden in San An. This time hover they’re taking full control over what they do, promising ‘a full blown ‘Garlands Spectacular’ with the club’s patented brand of DJs and entertainers recreating the infamous and madness that has defined both Garlands and Bedlam.’

Sounds pretty good, and the boat party business is still ongoing too. Head on over to their site for more details.

25 Years of London House – Kenny Hawkes RIP

One of the legends of the House music scene died a year ago today, Kenny Hawkes. As well as running the peerless Space event in London alongside Classic recordings main man Luke Solomon, he was a supremem remixer du jour, including an amazing edit of Inner City’s ‘Big Fun’ that has always been a staple of any dance music sets I’ve played in the last eight years (it blew Creamfields away in 2010).

To help fund a memorial a t-shirt, featuring the above map of London’s House music history, is being planned. Here is the official word on the t-shirt…

Plans are afoot for a permanent memorial to the big man. To help fund that, the good folk at Faith and the Original Store will be producing a t-shirt in Kenny’s memory. It’s based on the London House map I did a few years back but which we have brought up to date and hopefully sorted out the omissions of the previous version. Details will follow in the next few weeks.

RIP Kenny x

Residents Rule – Ian Blevins

“If I had to pick one that changed how I looked at Djing and playing music it would be probably Theo Parrish one hazy morning at the Southport Weekender playing mid morning til close. Unbelievable music and fantastic programming. That for me is the most important part of playing records.”

My day job involves working with the delightful We Love… Space and part of that involves sourcing blog content. We’ve recently been doing a mixture of residents rule and Friends and Family posts, focusing on the unsung heroes of We Love (the regular residents) and the family that has been a part of everything they’ve done. North East jock Blevins was covered on this one; click the quote to see it in full glory.

And the announcements are due soon for their summer start. The first wave of artist are insane!

We Love 2012 Podcast 2

Ibiza. It’s on the way!

To get you in the mood for the White Isle you don’t get much more balearic than the best night at Space and their podcast series, even more Ibizan when you think the main focus is Heritage, the project between legendary DJ Alfredo and his son Jamie. New music from Blondes and Salude also make this delectable ray of sunshine all the more worth while.

For more information on We Love just head here.

Whitney Houston RIP

When famous people die, especially in music, there’s that rare period of time where everyone is too overcome with grief to hold grudges against them musically. Not tearful wrecks, but genuinely open to celebrating someone’s life more than they were when they were alive. It normally lasts a week. Ask anyone in Glastonbury during the festival in 2009 and they will remember the way Michael Jackson’s death was remembered; likewise with Amy Winehouse dying being honoured by the Innervisions crew closing their season stealing set at We Love… Space last summer with ‘Tears dry on their own‘. You don’t drop 83bpm soul and expect it to make sense on the most famous dancefloor of Ibiza, but mourning does funny things to people, and the reaction from all accounts was understandably euphoric.

From a personal perspective I’ve been djing around the death of a lot of voices from our generation in the past few years; I can remember the cheer when I played Nate Dogg in May last year and, pathetic as it may sound to a lot of people, I was geuninely moved. I actually found out about Michael Jackson ten minutes before a set that fateful Thursday evening, and was this weekend inundated at Bumper with loads of Whitney requests as the news broke about her death. I’m not particularly precious about the kind of music I play sometimes but there is no way I’d ever play ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ outside of a well paid wedding, but Saturday I burned a disc on the sly and did as the bating hordes wanted; getting a great reaction. And you know the same group of people will hate the same song a week later (they actually didn’t think much of it when I drunkenly played it again that evening; ooops).

But me djing in a bar in Liverpool is a far cry from making this kind of moment work at Panoramabar in Berlin, especially utilising the vocal for a simply stunning backdrop with Kraftwerk. This is what the Facebook page celebrating arguably the most influential club in the world claimed had happened during the late hours of Sunday morning, with Mano le Tough really capturing a moment. Whitney had an amazing voice, there’s no doubt about that, but her music was by no means as universally popular with underground dance music fans as it may have been with millions across the world. But, if there’s one slither of positivity to be drawn from what is increasingly looking like a very tragic and avoidable death, it’s the magic her music and the timing of others can provide. Sometimes as DJs you get the chance to really capture the moment of someone’s memory, and it sounds like Mano managed this effortlessly at the weekend. She’ll be missed, not least by the most discerning dancefloor on the planet.

And now Moodymanc has delivered this cracker of an edit of ‘Not right but it’s okay’ as well. Great stuff.

Jem Haynes Interview on beatsandbeyond

“Fantazia, Castle Donington 1993, Jem Haynes, Public Enemy, James Brown, Grooverider, The Prodigy, Leftfield and Carl Cox. I would have to play Knights of the Jaguar by DJ Rolando even though it wasn’t made yet! IMAGINE!”

Follow the above quote to see the interview that dropped just before Christmas with We Love resident and house lothario Jem Haynes. Easily the best answer to one of my ‘dream situation’ questions yet!

We Love Ibiza 2011 Podcast Episode 19 – Groove Armada

Brand new We Love Podcast. Blurb below ho:

It’s the second of our monthly winter podcasts and we’ve got a special set from our residents Groove Armada recorded live on the Space Terrace on August 28th, plus a look ahead to the busy festive party season with We Love’s music director Mark Broadbent and tour manager Andy Livesey, who’s gone from flyering in San Antonio to flying to Dubai , all for the cause of a good party. Music comes courtesy of Kenny Dope, Waifs & Strays and Groove Armada, who are all playing at We Love events in December.

The podcast is hosted by Andy Wilson

Carl Craig – Boiler Room

There’s a school of thought that Carl Craig, like another mid 90s techno doyen with a similar geographical leaning, has lost the underground kudos that followed him round for the first fifteen years of his career. 2011 may have been the year that his record label Planet E imprint celebrated Twenty years of releases, but certain Detroit aficionados turned off after his cerebral version of Theo Parrish’s ‘Falling Up’ dropped.

Personally, I think that was arguably his most fertile period, with his remixes and productions hitting a stride where they shone from beyond the underground and gave his arpeggio heavy Detroit sound a more mainstream appeal. Check his remix Tony Allen’s ‘Kilode’ for unerring proof, up there with the best of his output from Paperclip People and Innerzone Orchestra era.

This Boiler Room set is similar in scope to that era of C2, and it’s pretty fucking special to my ears and eyes. There’s a great deal of debate about how much of the equipment assembled for the show he actually used and whether he ‘gives up’ playing live midway through the set. But there’s some genuine moments of spine tingling genius; check the way the Curtis Mayfield sampling ‘Ladies and Gentleman’ by alias 69 ripples through on the half hour mark.

Also worth noting the front row dancers who sometimes come off as a Vice Mag parody too. Click the image at the top to see more, and also check this rather good video from Ibiza dons We Love… Space with Carl and Paul Woolford waxing lyrical about Planet E.

We Love… 20 Years of Planet E from We Love on Vimeo.

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