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GOA @ Fabrik, Madrid

I do love a fun filled European rave extravaganza, and this Sunday I have quite the party lined up for me in Madrid. Home of arguably the most amazing ice cannon in the world, I’m told Fabrik is up there with the finest clubs on the planet and naturally I’m exceedingly excited about what is in store for me. Delve onto their Facebook page to get the green eyed monster in you frothing.

The below vid isn’t the greatest in quality but does give you an insight into the impressive cannon!!! Full review to follow next week on one of the sites I write for…

The People’s Balearic Disco presents… DJ NICKY SIANO (Studio54/The Gallery)

Having been in Liverpool for twelve years, I can say first-hand how the city has had an uneasy relationship with disco. Despite it being the initial dance music genre and in a state of resurgence for the best part of a decade, it’s not often that the city has had success with events based around it. Archive had a glorious run, Theo Parrish and Chris Duckenfield being two stand out performers as well as being taught to line dance by Daniel Wang (on the dancefloor, not by him Djing). Discoteca Poca flirt with it quite brilliantly but essentially house underpins them, then Chibuku and Circus have had the odd party where it pokes it’s neck, the latter in particular utilising Greg Wilson as a resident not too long ago (and the afterparties where I played with Dash were great with funk, soul and disco permeating the fishtank in the magnet).

Essentially though it’s not always a winner, and having lost hundreds of my non existent at the time finances on pushing it at Pigeonhole Disco from 2008-2010, a tough one for promoters. Occasionally though you get a stone cold cert of a classic that you just know will transcend these issues, and PBD enlisting Nicky Siano for a party on the final day of August is one of them. A true bona fide legend whose impact on dance music as we know it is immeasurable, they have managed to get the older ‘now and again’ ravers excited and promise this in the gloriously intimate confines of Studio 2. Everything about it suggests the hallmarks of a classic. I’ll be reviewing the showcase for Ransom Note and if you want more details hit the Facebook link here.

Residents Rule – Ian Blevins

“If I had to pick one that changed how I looked at Djing and playing music it would be probably Theo Parrish one hazy morning at the Southport Weekender playing mid morning til close. Unbelievable music and fantastic programming. That for me is the most important part of playing records.”

My day job involves working with the delightful We Love… Space and part of that involves sourcing blog content. We’ve recently been doing a mixture of residents rule and Friends and Family posts, focusing on the unsung heroes of We Love (the regular residents) and the family that has been a part of everything they’ve done. North East jock Blevins was covered on this one; click the quote to see it in full glory.

And the announcements are due soon for their summer start. The first wave of artist are insane!

Southport Weekender Vol 9 – Mixed by Spinna & Mr Scruff

“Scruff first came to prominence in his native Manchester making hip-hop tapes in the early nineties; Spinna’s beat-digging led to a production deal with the backpack hip-hop label of New York, Rawkus records. And the attitude to ransacking genres to bring the party is pretty much a dual way of life for both. “

Hit the quote for a review of the said album over on Data Transmission. You can also check a mini mix of Scruff’s slections on the soundcloud below.

Carl Craig – Boiler Room

There’s a school of thought that Carl Craig, like another mid 90s techno doyen with a similar geographical leaning, has lost the underground kudos that followed him round for the first fifteen years of his career. 2011 may have been the year that his record label Planet E imprint celebrated Twenty years of releases, but certain Detroit aficionados turned off after his cerebral version of Theo Parrish’s ‘Falling Up’ dropped.

Personally, I think that was arguably his most fertile period, with his remixes and productions hitting a stride where they shone from beyond the underground and gave his arpeggio heavy Detroit sound a more mainstream appeal. Check his remix Tony Allen’s ‘Kilode’ for unerring proof, up there with the best of his output from Paperclip People and Innerzone Orchestra era.

This Boiler Room set is similar in scope to that era of C2, and it’s pretty fucking special to my ears and eyes. There’s a great deal of debate about how much of the equipment assembled for the show he actually used and whether he ‘gives up’ playing live midway through the set. But there’s some genuine moments of spine tingling genius; check the way the Curtis Mayfield sampling ‘Ladies and Gentleman’ by alias 69 ripples through on the half hour mark.

Also worth noting the front row dancers who sometimes come off as a Vice Mag parody too. Click the image at the top to see more, and also check this rather good video from Ibiza dons We Love… Space with Carl and Paul Woolford waxing lyrical about Planet E.

We Love… 20 Years of Planet E from We Love on Vimeo.

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