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Waze & Odyssey ‘Be Right There’ – Review on Pulse

Waze & Odyssey Press Shot

“Further weight to the case W&O have already been making via their work on Throne of Blood and Southern fried – two purveyors of classy house that know their way round a dancefloor.”

Waze & Odyssey have delivered once again, as has Kerri Chandler’s MadTech records and Citizen on the remix tip. Hit the quote.

Garage $ale – Bump n Grind (Waze & Odyssey Mix)

I absolutely LOVE ‘Bump & grind’ by R Kelly. You might have read my previous love letter to the track, but now a brand new edit of it is out riding that whole funky, 90s garage and house sound that is so popular right now. This is definitely not one for the chin-strokers, but it is a proper, proper fun record that understandably has had a huge response at Festivals where more often than not everyone just wants to get off their nut and be happy. And this is perfect for that.

Stream from the soundcloud below, and to download go to Waze & Odyssey’s website where you’ll be asked to pay with a tweet. And why wouldn’t you want to do that? Props to BnB as well for sending me in the direction of the track in the first place as well.

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