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DT Podcast 292 – Tanner Ross

Happy Valentines Day! Falling back in the mellow warmth of electronics on the day of love, this brand new podcast from Tanner Ross and Data Transmission is the real soundtrack to what you should be getting into, regardless of it just being a winter reflective mix rather than one specifically themed around emotive feeling. Just take a glance at the tracklist; Chilly Gonzales, Atjazz, Kendrick Lamar, Dam-Funk, Toro Y Moi and Bob Marley.

Or you can just smile at the charm of last year’s V-Day mixes from Soul Clap and Breakspear.

Crazy P ‘Remixed’ (Vinyl Sampler) – Review on Pulse

Promo pics for Crazy P.

“A record so sublime this reviewer would probably beg it to run off to Gretna and make an honest future out of it, if it was an actual person.”

Hit the quote. I even squeeze in a reference to Telford. Get me!

Soul Clap ‘E-Funk’ Review on Data Tranmission

“Irony has always been attached as a statement to both belittle and gratify the duo’s impact, but there’s only one real telling bit of evidence of it here – the focus to give the album an adhesion is the very thing that takes it away.”

We told you about the imminent opus from Soul Clap when we heard about it back in March, now it gets the full review treatment over on Data Transmission. Hit the quote for the story on the Boston duo’s input

Soul Clap to release ‘EFUNK’

EFUNK, aka Everybody’s Freaky Under Natures Kingdom, is Soul Clap’s debut album out on Wolf + Lamb on April 20th. Naturally they’ve come up with some tongue in cheek witticisms/self righteous pomp to promote the album (delete depending on which side of the fence you sit on), basically coming out and saying they are rescuing dance music from ‘the eclipse of darkness’, Soul Clap’s fist pumping (gently of course) resume of sonic tomfoolery in 2012.

‘After years spent traveling planet earth with only a turntable as transportation and a crate of records as a guide, Soul Clap settled on Earth’s tropical Art-Deco paradise of Miami as the perfect spot to build the EFUNK mothership.’

It’s deliberately 45 minutes long, split into 13 songs to fit on a single 12 inch record. It also features big lipped beauty mel Blatt from 90s girl band All Saints (check here if you’d forgotten just how fit she was) Tracklisting is as follows…

01. EFunk Intro
02. Take It Slow feat Franceska
03. The Alezby Inn feat The Genevan Heathen
04. Let It Go feat Roldy Cezaire
05. When The Soul Claps feat Lazarus Man
06. Lets Groove On feat Jules Born
07. Ecstacy feat Mel Blatt

08. Clapping Song ft. Baby Prince & The Fam
09. TroubleTroubleTrouble
10. Walk With A Clap
11. Need Your Lovin feat Mel Blatt
12. Islands In Space Part 1
13. Islands In Space Part 2 feat. Greg Paulus

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